Neil Kramer : The Price of Fish

“Here’s a question you can ask… when you are contemplating the health of a relationship with someone:

To the best of your knowledge, is the other person consciously growing — yes or no?

Are they spending time on their own development and further education? Are they committed to their own spiritual evolution? Are they being real, sincere and excellent in their thought and conduct on a daily basis? Are they engaging themselves with matters of substance? Are they consciously growing, or not? …

If you have achieved a certain developmental velocity in your life, then you’ll quickly tire of those who are, for all intents and purposes, stationary. You may love them and you may care about them, but you will cease to regard them as allies on your journey. They cannot see you, they cannot know you; they have no true feeling for your essence…

We have to respect everybody’s decision to grow slowly – that is, to live unconsciously… Even those who are hopelessly prancing about in the shadows of ignorance.  Even the sleepers; those who choose not to refine their inner spiritual music and instead decide to pursue sensual relief and mental withdrawal.  We have to appreciate, at a fundamental level, that that is their prerogative…

The control system, the old hierarchy, asks them to live like that, but it’s optional. It requires our consent to function. It is a game – a juvenile hoax to not take full account of oneself, to renounce the divine and to behave as if life is just about feathering one’s nest. This mental frolicking in the enchantment of materialism is totally elective…

Play your own gameWork on your own excellence. …

From our human year by year perspective, it is wise to observe that all relationships end. Expect that. People come and go. And it’s okay… ‘Isn’t it sad’? No, not really – because it’s only time that brings the sorrow of separation and the emptiness of being alone. So, you might want to contemplate the nature of time in your world. No time, no pain. No need to worry about what is temporary… Let’s respectfully remind ourselves all things in the material theater of life on earth are fleeting.” ~Neil Kramer (Roamcast #5)

CLICK HERE for a direct download MP3 of the roamcast (right click to save as). You can also STREAM it online.

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