“A little tension is helpful. Think of a deadline. Some people work best under deadlines as deadlines give a structure to the task or project. We are, in a way, under an energetic deadline to change the way we think, view reality, and understand how to create the next step. This is both an individual task as well as a collective one. Amid the chaos and confusion of where and how to go next, our focus needs to be one of paying attention to the balance of pressure. Are we on the right track? Are we being supported in our progress and new vision?

There is need for a strong discipline this month to keep out of denial, lethargy, depression, and a negative attitude of blame and resentment. Use your will and daily practice to stay in gratitude and appreciation for what you have at the moment while at the same time not losing sight of your future vision. Having a vision for your personal future is extremely important as it will give meaning and purpose to any challenge or struggle you are experiencing as you move forward under pressure…

The big experiment is around creativity and manifesting. Practice the concept of “I will see it when I believe it” instead of “I will believe it when I see it”. Be patient with timing, be patient with others, slow down and enjoy what you have.”


“This is the birth canal of our new story. It’s dark, uncomfortable, pressurized and scary, but there is no going back. The new story is in the unfamiliar landscape we are birthing ourselves into, highly creative and full of raw potential. If you can get out of the fear and negativity, judgment, blame and disappointment, you will feel highly energized, inspired and excited about what you can reinvent for yourself…

[T]his is a pivotal month with such a powerful focus on transformation that it is impossible to avoid it. You can ease the discomfort by being proactive and disciplined about how you manage your release and reinvention. Divest yourself of excess, make room and space for something new, change a major habit or attitude that does not serve you, and look at your life creatively to see how much change you can embrace…

Self-care should be at the top of your list this month. As physical issues come up to reflect internal change, increase your self-care. This should include diet, exercise, spiritual practice, improving your daily routines, scheduling personal time, decreasing what causes stress, and listening to your body…

Remember you are like a snake shedding its skin. The new one has not emerged yet… So, take responsibility for your own healing as no one else will do it for you. It is your body: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Take care of every aspect of it this month.


“The best approach to a new story is to ask the questions that will open up the dialogue. What and whom do you serve in this life? What do you fear? How are you supported? What truly makes you happy? What are the addictions you desire to change? What are the energy leaks in your life? What part of your current story are you truly done with? What are your disappointments, resentments and judgments? Where are you not neutral? What are you not ready or willing to let go of? What are you ready and willing to let go of? What are your past unrealized dreams that are no longer viable? What are your theories, what is your truth?

The first step in a new story is to let go of the old one without anger, disappointment or judgment. The more neutral you can be about what is leaving your field, the easier the process…

To navigate this month well will require the discipline to stay in your own lane and take responsibility for your own restlessness and irritation by channeling that energy into productive action. It is important to keep your vibration as high as possible and work with gratitude, love, awe and a focus on beauty… Staying present, practicing compassion and cultivating an appreciation for all of life will go far in supporting and feeding a new story.”


“We are definitely in a transition time and a huge shift in consciousness and vibration. Curiosity, optimism, creativity and humor should be a major part of the management team you build to navigate this month and the months to come. Take responsibility for your own shi(f)t, and stay in your own lane with regards to where others are in their own navigation. Once we get through the potentially cranky new moon on the 8th, we have our work cut out for us. If we do it well, there are many gifts awaiting us as we move into the last part of the month.

What is the “work”?
Courage to tell the truth. Courage to let go.  Courage to forgive. Determination to trust. Discipline to stay out of blame. Compassion for yourself and others. Acceptance and cooperation regarding change not initiated by you. Keeping your vibration high no matter what through beauty, inspiration and strong spiritual practices. Staying in your own lane and out of other people’s drama and negativity. Trusting your intuition, your inner guidance, and having the courage to go for what is right for YOU. Taking full responsibility for your own shi(f)t.”