The Path Of One

“Dawn Of The Autodidact:

An autodidact is someone who is largely self-taught. The autodidactic impulse is often characterized by a commitment in the individual to be a self-directed and life-long learner. There is an inherent appreciation that real knowledge is best transmitted direct to the discerning student, without any requirement for official mediation…

The great privilege of the autodidact is that they have a totally free hand to do whatever they want. Nobody can censor, prejudice or divert them from their own chosen areas of study… No concept is too far out, no subject is taboo, no creative tangents are considered a waste of time and belief systems are often gratifyingly upgraded or even totally jettisoned. With correct alignment, all this information processing acts as a jumpgate for transmutation into the felt-experience of real wisdom.

Close on the heels of this freedom comes a distinct responsibility: self-discipline. It is incumbent on the independent scholar to hone a range of skills to endow their studies with the integrity, balance and penetration required to formulate empowering knowledge…

The real discipline of the independent thinker and the spiritual warrior, lies not in their scholarly capabilities and education, nor even in the anchoring of their knowledge into felt experience – it is in their willingness to transform their own consciousness. To change. This means letting go of things that we think we need, things we have become attached to, things we suspect might even be essential parts of us. More than anything else, it is this clinging to self that prevents us from moving forward.  We sometimes forget that we are not the avatar.” ~Neil Kramer

4 thoughts on “The Path Of One

  1. Firstly many thanks for being disciplined and dedicated delivering such good info on your blog.
    I from Sverige and came through searching waking times post.
    Digging I began to do for I was thought you collecting the more beneficient articles.
    Then like a fountain of life,,, it became a delight to see the art.
    Mean more estetiska that you share since long time.
    I find much intrigue in myself seeing your blogs.
    I only got to 2012 and always make return first to explore backwards because of your good selections.
    May it be that there is some real person behind this site because I will feel fool fast and then must discover which program can make choice like this in such bright presentationen.
    Hope Cosmismind is humand not computer, either way I will make good.
    Tack så mycket, Lucas W.

  2. I think this blog is excellent. There is nothing more humanizing than free-thought, liberty, and the determination and self-control, spirituality, it takes to improve existence.

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