The Power of Emotional Agility & Why Discomfort is the Price of Admission to a Meaningful Life

“When we block or suppress or push aside emotions, we actually stop ourselves from being our most effective, successful beings.” ~Susan David, PhD

“The way we navigate our inner world – our everyday thoughts, emotions, and self-stories – is the single most important determinant of our life success. It drives our actions, careers, relationships, happiness, health; everything. For example: Do we let our self-doubts, failings, shame, fear, or anger hold us back? Can we be determined, persevering toward key life goals, but just as importantly, have the insight and courage to recognize when these goals are not serving us, and adapt?

According to this week’s guest, the key to successfully navigating our inner world isn’t immunizing ourselves against stress and setbacks. And it doesn’t involve ignoring uncomfortable feelings. Instead, it’s developing something called emotional agility – the teachable ability to confront difficult emotions, gain critical self-insight from these feelings, and ultimately use this newfound awareness to adaptively align our values with our actions and make changes to bring the best of ourselves forward…

[This is a conversation] about how and why our emotional landscape, the everyday thoughts and stories we often hide from the world and oftentimes ourselves, are the single most important determinant of life success. And why navigating life’s twists and turns with self-acceptance, clear-sightedness, and an open mind leads to empowerment and agency.

It’s about why we must overcome the urge to ignore difficult emotions and behaviors to instead face them willingly, as a neutral observer, with curiosity and kindness. It’s about identifying your core values as a path to willpower, resilience and effectiveness. And it’s about how developing this skill called emotional agility – essentially mastery over our emotions, thoughts and stories… But more than anything, this is a conversation about the perils of avoiding uncomfortable feelings. Because the tough emotions are the price we pay for a meaningful life.”

Susan David’s TED Talk: The Gift and Power of Emotional Courage.



“We have some very big energies coming in that you will not be able to take advantage of if you are bogged down in physical, emotional and energetic clutter, old intentions, unfinished business, anything you have put off or procrastinated and should have done “yesterday,” regrets, unexpressed communication, attachments to disappointments and unmanifested dreams, persisting bad habits, and we can go on and on as the list is very long.

You cannot bring in the new without making space by cleaning out the old. It is very simple. We spend lots of time making new lists and talking about what we want to accomplish in 2019 but there is no room for anything new unless we declutter the past. If you clean up the past, you will have many more options about what and how to bring in some new dreams and experiences. And we have tremendous opportunity to do so…

Papers, files, old photos, stuff your kids made, things people have given you, clothing equipment, electronics etc. If they do not have an active place in your life today, release them. Another category is unfinished projects that may have seemed like a good idea at one time but ask yourself if you are really going to ever get back and finish them. The attachment to all of these physical things is usually of the ego as they represent something connected to our identity; a success, relationship, time in our life, experience or event, recognition, education etc.

The artisan role of the year is a master of destruction. Use this artisan talent wisely in dismantling your current container so you can recreate it to serve you better. Take one aspect or section at a time and drawer by drawer, you will gain momentum in your process of clean up. There will be many parts you will keep, but they will end up being organized differently. To support this, you can start by making some changes in your schedule to accommodate the clean-up process.”


“*NEW MOON* rising in Sagittarius on December 6th/7th, the same day Mercury goes Direct.

There are many moving parts right now as our worlds are being recreated and renewed…

Sagittarius New Moon coupled with Mercury going Direct is unleashing an inspired energetic stream moving us toward liberation as we long to explore new pathways and new avenues. The energy is exciting, fiery and inspired, wanting to dismantle and begin anew. But we must be mindful in harnessing this energy and take caution against going too far into extremes.” ~Mystic Mamma


“Chaos often brings with it resistance, fear of losing control, confusion, physical discomfort, anxiety and an instinctive reaction to pull back and hunker down into old patterns that are familiar. Chaos also brings with it an excitement and anticipation of something new, a change, progress and creativity. Obviously, we want to stay out of resistance and focus more on the “anticipation of something new” part…

Most of us are limping into December feeling pushed to our limit of what we can handle. But just know that everyone has been in the same reality swamp just waiting for a clear way to move on down the river.

If you have done your work over these past months in facing important truths, healing your deepest emotional wounds, practicing flexibility, forgiving the past, and letting go of your attachments, then you will be in good shape to handle the present opportunities. However, if you are behind in your spiritual homework, then you may have a little work to do before the universe opens a clear path for you.

So, how do you handle this month in the best way possible?

When faced with chaos, it is important not to get lost in drama and lack of focus. Use discipline to keep unnecessary chaos out (such as chaos and drama belonging to someone else) and be careful not to invite unnecessary chaos in (such as adding something to your plate that you know is going to increase your level of stress, confusion and overwhelm). It is a good discipline to learn to say no to that which is an energy leak. It is also helpful to stay focused on the priorities that are not overwhelming. Keeping good boundaries is a must.

Break the larger projects and tasks into smaller steps and handle one thing at a time. You can still focus on the bigger picture to keep your level of inspiration up, but give yourself the time, space and focus to accomplish them bit by bit. It is also very important to stay out of resistance to chaos and to see it as a necessary landscape to get to know so you can rely on its positive aspects of creative manifestation when the time comes.

Chaos always brings an opportunity for change and restructuring. Think of what happens when you remodel. The old form gets destroyed. Some elements are kept, some are tossed. New construction makes quite a mess and you have to live with compromises to your comfort for a time. But when it is complete and new elements are brought in and incorporated into the old, you have something that is upgraded and better. One way to work with Chaos this month is to focus on what needs upgrading in your life and then take advantage of the chaos to do some restructuring of your habits, schedule, environment and goals.

And, make sure you stay out of fear. It won’t solve anything.”

MOON MAGIC – Gemini Full Moon – November 22/23, 2018

“Be gentle with the stories you tell yourself.  Be gentle with the narratives you bring to life. Those narratives feed or starve you and they can create a mythology around you, around who you think you are, around where you think you are allowed to go, and how you are allowed to love and how you are allowed to be loved, or receive, that can leave you imprisoned for years. The good news is, you can rewrite stories today, tonight, during this full moon.”


“This month we all have a great opportunity to reconnect with TRUTH as an energy. The first step is to eliminate the fear that truth is something we don’t want to see or experience. The second step is to recognize that we do not have to conform to collective beliefs that do not resonate with us. The third step is to trust a deeper intuition that will allow us to experience TRUTH as a download, an insight, an “aha” moment of clarity, a light bulb going off. The fourth step is to speak what you “know” is your truth (not using it as an excuse to judge others) and to take right action based on that truth.

This is going to impact everything from your health decisions to your work, where you live, who you are with and how you live your life. What can get in the way of experiencing this amazing energy is resistance, judgment, criticism and any negative reaction that keeps you engaged in polarity, argument and being at war with yourself or others. This is a challenge since there is much to feel at war with…

Open to TRUTH, stay in your own lane, focus on your own life and healing, and that will have a ripple effect on healing everything around you.

This may be a month for major choices and decisions in your life. They may not appear radical on the outside but may be radical on the inside. Others may end up seeing you as a completely different person as you reset your compass to your own truth…

In order to reset your personal truth compass, you will need to adopt a diet of fasting from what triggers you… Where are you acting automatically like a programmed robot? What are your patterns of fear, belief and reaction? Question everything. This will lead to untangling the web of beliefs you are trapped in and will make room for experiences of truth.

It is perfectly fine to be in a state of not knowing. That is an interim step in the process. Trust your intuition.”

Full Moon in Taurus 2018

“This could be by far one of the most challenging Full Moon aspects of the year. There is a chance that resistance, hopes, dreams, anger, disappointment, irritation, inspiration will all be triggered. It is a full circus, a crisis of thought, choice and will. What will you do with it? We always say it is much better to move towards something you want than against something you don’t. The resistance percolating within each of us is strong and stubborn and needs to be turned towards inspiration and positive choice. Change what you can and accept what you can’t. We also suggest you stay away from arguments and negative encounters fueled by anger…

This moon time encourages us to face crisis by turning challenges into opportunities. The gift of any challenging time is how you navigate it. When there is energetic crisis, it will often manifest in the more solid aspects of your life, your physical environment and your body, especially your bones and teeth.  I encourage you to spend a little time during this full moon to be proactive in nurturing your own relationship with the feminine, “feeding your tools,” and being in nature with presence and focus. Harness the power of this moon to feed your own goals and desires. Look to what you wish to create instead of what you resist.”