Neil Kramer : The Power of Peace

Neil Kramer talks to Regina Meredith to discuss ‘The Power Of Peace.’

Regina writes: “While we continue to tear back the curtain of conspiracy, and dig under the rocks of suppressed information, we are often missing the obvious – how to craft the most beautiful and meaningful life possible. In my conversation with spiritual philosopher, Neil Kramer, we delve into the most basic of subjects – peace and will. What does peace actually mean and what is required to establish it at the core of our lives? What kind of strength does genuine peace bring? With a strong background in Hermetics, Neil shares his wisdom in his typically clear and high overview of what it means to live a substantial and beautiful life.”’

“The consensus view is generally wrong… whether we’re looking at NASA, whether we’re looking at science or religion or culture or politics or food, you come to a point where you realize that everything that we’ve been taught in the mainstream is garbage; you have to wipe that away and start again. And that’s the point where humility is necessary.

So, you can’t proceed down this path to equilibrium if you’re full of doctrine and dogma… You can’t do that, you have to say: I am confident enough as a spiritual entity, a spiritual human being, a spiritual man to say — I don’t know what I am, I don’t know what I’m doing, I don’t know what this means, and I’m okay with that. And at that point… something opens and wisdom comes inside…

Wisdom is totally experiential and it will only come in it’s pure form to the man or woman who has found a good measure of equilibrium. So, you can test somebody’s wisdom by the amount of equilibrium that they embody…

So if I think of the great wise elders in my life, whether they’re 25 years old or 85 years old, it makes no difference, they all have a measure of equilibrium that they have earned and brought about and crafted within themselves… The person of distinction who has made themselves substantial says: Nobody can make me feel anything. My feeling, my contact with reality, is mine and there can be no outside influence on that, unless I give my consent to it.” ~Neil Kramer


Jordan Peterson – 12 Rules For Life

“Rule 1 / Stand up straight with your shoulders back

Rule 2 / Treat yourself like someone you are responsible for helping

Rule 3 / Make friends with people who want the best for you

Rule 4 / Compare yourself to who you were yesterday, not to who someone else is today

Rule 5 / Do not let your children do anything that makes you dislike them

Rule 6 / Set your house in perfect order before you criticize the world

Rule 7 / Pursue what is meaningful (not what is expedient)

Rule 8 / Tell the truth — or, at least, don’t lie

Rule 9 / Assume that the person you are listening to might know something you don’t

Rule 10 / Be precise in your speech

Rule 11 / Do not bother children when they are skateboarding

Rule 12 / Pet a cat when you encounter one on the street”

Russell Brand & Jordan Peterson – Kindness VS Power | Under The Skin #46


“We begin this month in the wake of the powerful super full moon/eclipse of the last day of January. We are still under its influence as we begin the month and we can use its wave of energy to launch this time for ourselves in a good way. If you have not spent a bit of time aligning your intentions, you can still take advantage of the eclipse portal to do so. It is best if you can include the intention of ease, clarity, right timing, and support for patience and perfect alignment for your actions to be effortless.

The goal this month is to allow everything to “unfold” as a flower unfolds into a full bloom from a bud. You cannot force a bud to bloom before its time, and you never know exactly how that full bloom is going to look. We, and many of our intentions, are at the bud stage now, and allowing the “unfolding” in their right time will take some shifting in the way we have always approached the way we do things.

The Full Lunar Eclipse of January 31 has opened a time frame that is bookended by a partial solar eclipse mid-month. It creates a perfect structure of time for observation, review, and change. Since eclipses are always about supporting change we should always take the opportunity they present to keep things moving in our lives. We are also moving from a year of the fire rooster in Chinese astrology to the year of the earth dog on February 16. This shifts our container of growth from fiery reactions that stimulate change, to working with more stability and grounding to anchor new ways of “being” and “doing” in our lives.”

New Moon in Capricorn – 2018

This first New Moon of the year in Capricorn is fertile ground for honoring, tracking and refining your intentions to move along a new path.

New Moons are times to plant a seed and cultivate its growth.  With Sun, Moon, Venus, Pluto, Mercury, and Saturn all in earthy, active Capricorn and no planets retrograde in this chart, you are on a launch pad and in the hands of a master creator in the middle world/material plane…

You are also planting your intention seeds for the two and a half year journey of Saturn through Capricorn. Saturn in its own sign is like Saturn squared. Imagine you haven’t seen this revered master in nearly 30 years at this place in your chart.  He has returned.

When you are finished with your initiation and training by Saturn in the next several years, what do you want to have accomplished?

Those that know the answer to this question way down in their bones will come out the other side in December 2020 with a grin on their faces, the new found strength of focused application of the will and the heart, and the rewards of methodical building in the material world.  One of our major purposes now is learning to bring our spiritual legacy down into our physical, daily, middle world lives.  We’ve been to the underworld and know our shadow areas; we’ve been to the upper worlds and touched into Spirit, now our task is to bring that powerful knowledge into fruition in the physical world.”

Unified Willpower : New Moon in Capricorn – 2018

“[T]his lunation generates a focused, sobering vibe…  A new Moon in Capricorn is a critical starting point for the execution of projects, tasks, or plans which require enormous amounts of hard work, commitment, and dedication. With such emphasis currently in Capricorn, this New Moon supports sustained effort and discipline channeled toward the accomplishment of long-range goals and objectives.”

The Search for Meaning in Modern Life

“Whether rationally, instinctively, or deep in our hearts, most of us know that something is not right about how human societies are managed. Human life is not yet in balance…

We are manipulated by our mainstream medias at unprecedented levels, and constantly fed with a controlled flow of information. This process is the old mind of humanity, still operating through control, censorship, and consumerism. In this way our contemporary societies are increasingly centered around emotion to a degree that allows people to be entertained as well as manipulated like never before…

Ancient religious-spiritual traditions have long talked about ‘energy predators’ that are said to feed off from unstable human mental and emotional states. The early gnostic Christians referred to some of these as the Archons; various North American Indian tribes refer to Wetiko/Wendigo; Don Juan in the Carlos Castenada  books refers to the Predators; and South American shamans have long talked of spirits that feed off from and fragment the vulnerable human inner state/soul.

We must wonder why it is that our modern cultures promote entertainments that manipulate and play upon excessively distorted images of mental and emotional anguish as well as exaggerated portrayals of sexuality… These forms of stimulation directly target a person’s mental, emotional, and physical states, which in turn hampers the operation of harmonious, developmental energies.

Modern life is increasingly a life addicted to high stimulation. Yet by its very nature it also creates anxiety. Many people are forced, or seduced, into lives that are continually stressful and busy. There is no room for the spaces, the intervals, of internal reflection…

A whole society can be distracted. There is a pertinent analogy here to how, in 256AD, the Persian army took Antioch from the Roman Empire. Many of the inhabitants were attending the roman theatre and were oblivious to the enemy archers who had climbed up behind them into the stands. The actors down below had seen the enemy archers and were desperately trying to warn them with hand signals, but the audience did not understand, thinking it part of the entertainment – until it was too late. They were amused up to the point of death. Perhaps we too, in the words of social critic Neil Postman, are ‘Amusing ourselves to Death.’”


“As we start the New Year, we are inspired to evaluate what works and what doesn’t, what we like and what we don’t like, what we have put up with that no longer serves, and what we have always desired but could not let ourselves have. This is the Evaluation part of the month. The Action piece is what we decide to do about it. Both are equally as important…

This is a year of Service, service of self as well as service to others and our planet. It is also a year of Action. Do it now. Clean it up. Get off your behind and finally have what you always wanted, and do all those things you have only been dreaming of. In order to take advantage of what wants to happen this month, you will need to be ruthless in your Evaluation and disciplined in your Action. Ruthless evaluation will clear the way for action and bring clarity to any confusion about what you really want to manifest.

Our lives have been burdened by the old paradigm of accumulation of unnecessary and unhealthy patterns, physical clutter, mental worry about things we cannot fix, and other obsessive and unproductive habits. This is a year of pragmatism inviting us to be more practical in all areas of life…

Simplicity, back to basics, learning to stay present, and an appreciation and gratitude for what you do have will be most helpful in navigating the coming year and getting clarity as you ruthlessly Evaluate your life.”