“There is no question that these are very tough times but we need to remember that behind every act of destruction is a channel of creativity that will surface when the timing is right. Creativity and destruction are two sides of the same coin and both are activated during times of great change and transformation

You will need good practices this month to keep you stable, grounded and balanced. You will need the support system of your tribe of like-minded people. You will need to focus daily on gratitude and nurturing self-care. And, you will need to have some project or goal in your life that you are passionate about that can be an outlet for your creativity. As you shift from relying on the external to relying on the internal, you may need to let go of attachments, addictions and habits that will not support you.

The forecast this month may sound very dire indeed however there are many bright spots and opportunities that should be acknowledged. There are glimpses of freedom, new discoveries, deep and permanent healing, and a lighter energy at times supporting joy, play and creativity.”


“This month you can turn things around in your life putting yourself on a different trajectory more aligned with your personal truth. What have you always wanted to do? If you had the means, the time, the energy, and did not have to consider others, what would you change? And is this dream current or is it something from the past that you never had a chance to experience? Part of the reality check is to acknowledge what is of the past and release it to the past including old intentions and dreams that you may still be attached to. And, there may be some dreams that can be brought into present time and modified to who and where you are right now and what is possible for you given your present circumstances. What was the motivation behind that original dream? And is it still important to you? If so, how can you refine and modify it to better align with who you are today? …

This could be your turning point, a new sense of personal power and ability to create and manifest from within.

You have the opportunity this month to finally commit to something you have wanted to do for a while, maybe your whole life. It is a good month to turn “I should” into “I will”, “I can’t” into “I can and I will”, and “If only” into “What if?”. The reality check is to make sure what you are intending is really what you want, and the turning point is the 100% belief in yourself and your creativity to magically manifest with the support and trust in spirit.”


“It is a time of great transformation and the window between the 2 eclipses offers us the opportunity to examine what is out of balance, work on our self-esteem, eliminate what does not serve and reset ourselves on a new trajectory of greater balance in our lives. It is not an easy time as we reflect on an identity that is being eroded by change. You can be irritable, despairing, inspired, grateful, emotional, rational, serious and whimsical all in the same day.

The best thing to do is to stay grounded and connected to the earth as a constant foundation. There are some serious choices that will be made by some especially about what to eliminate that causes imbalance. Some of you are overworked, overstressed, and feeling unsupported. If your life is out of balance, this is the time to get it back into balance.”


“What is the definition of true power? Power comes from spirit and your essence and is fed and supported by the elements and energies more powerful than you such as the sun, the earth, nature, the stars, your imagination… You can be empowered or allow yourself to be disempowered through a trauma, karma or lessons, but another person cannot truly give or take away your power as they cannot ever truly give you any. True power is something no one can take from you and is not connected to anything you can lose. You can lose your money, things, homes, reputation, relationships, physical body parts, even your health. But you can never take away your spirit, experiences, wisdom, medicine, talents, dreams and intentions. They are yours and yours only and are part of your power base. Requiring acceptance or attention from others does not build power. With that said, however, true community and unconditional connection is a wonderful way to feel your own power in giving and receiving.

Where in your life have you felt disempowered? How can you take responsibility for that? Where have you given your power away? What experiences have empowered you? And where have you expected to gain power that was not authentic?

We have all been imprinted with an idea and belief of power as being related to accomplishments that can be measured. Influence, money, degrees, notoriety, fame, attention, accumulation of wealth etc., have long been a part of the measuring stick that may have influenced our dreams and intentions and had us looking in the wrong direction to gain power. Success can mean a lot of things…

The key is to access the power within you and not to look for it on the outside. You will only be disappointed with the illusion in the end. If you don’t do the work now, it will be that much harder later when the energy is less supportive of it. We have a tremendous opportunity to move through this and access the amazing landscape of love, beauty and manifestation on the other side.”

“The Virgo Full Moon Knows What We Want Before We Want It”

The future is present, the present is past, the vibes are psychic, and everything within us is looking for a release.

If the valve opens under the stars of Virgo then the valve is a tight opening and tight openings — we know — are quick to rupture. The influence of this lunation is persistent, knowing what we want before we know it, giving us what we want before we’re sure we’re ready for it. Under the Virgo full moon’s perceptive light and the two weeks that recover from it, it’s likely that in the search for a release, we might find ourselves returning to old habits, old haunting grounds, and old coping mechanisms unconsciously.

It’s important to remember that any form of return, including relapse and repatriation, is an opportunity to recognize difference: You are different from who you were, it is different from what you remember, and nothing stays the same. The past self you meet at these places of rupture has been waiting for you. It means to integrate. It wants you to know that all your selves are necessary where you are going and none of them (not even the one you feel you are now) knows where it is you’ll end up.


“The field of opportunity opens… bringing support, inspiration and a flow towards manifesting what you want without the obstacles you may have recently experienced.  The challenge is to be clear about what you want, how you want your life to unfold, and what it is you wish to manifest. Don’t worry about the details and don’t overthink the process. What does your heart want? What do you feel is your next big step and bid for power?

Rely on your intuition rather than intellectual information and imagine your intentions from a place of creativity and dreaming more than what you have accepted as your reality. Set the seeds now that will determine how things manifest for you in the future. Without needing to know the details, how do wish to feel yourself to be in a year, 3 years, 5 years? Stretch a little into an expanded desire that your small self does not think you can have or deserve to have.

The way to support your intentions once they are set is to spend some time in a higher vibration such as can be created by beauty, love, awe and gratitude. Stay away from negativity, martyrdom, cynicism and limited thoughts, both in yourself and in others.” 

Lifespan with Dr. David Sinclair #4 – Longevity Molecules & Drugs

“Dr. David Sinclair and co-host Matthew LaPlante zero in on drugs and supplements that have been reported to combat aspects of aging. They share the latest experimental and clinical data for NAD boosters (these being NR, NMN, NAD IV drips and shots), resveratrol, fisetin, quercetin, rapamycin, spermidine, metformin, and berberine. Given the abundance of data available, a special focus is placed on the NAD precursors nicotinamide riboside and nicotinamide mononucleotide. Known mechanisms, limitations, and/or side effects associated with these molecules are additionally highlighted.”


“The month starts right out with somewhat glitchy challenges testing our flexibility, will, and resilience for sudden changes manifesting in small setbacks or new opportunities. A new moon in Aquarius on January 31/February 1 sets a stage where anything can happen. Preparedness requires the discipline of staying positive and in your truth no matter what. You can go down the rabbit hole of feeling irritated, self-deprecating, impatient with yourself and others, or simply critical and judgmental about everything. Or, you can be disciplined about being your best self; optimistic, generous, kind, compassionate, accepting, and in gratitude. Not everyone will have this outlook on life, so it is best if part of your discipline this month includes being discerning about where and whom you spend time with.

The distractions of drama, addictive behaviors, overthinking, ambivalence, obsession, blame, and wishing it were different than it is are all part of ego’s determination to keep you from moving forward into the opportunities you can create for yourself. The discipline is much about not listening to the negative voice that wishes to keep you small and limited. The discipline is also about staying on the path, doing your inner work and persevering in your spiritual practices, self-care and personal growth. By this time, we all know what we need to do to make progress. This month we can engage the discipline needed to follow through.

Discipline is not always fun. We resist it especially when it comes from the outside. This month you will have the opportunity to become your own authority and to activate your own inner discipline guided by personal truth and authentic motivation. You can make it more fun by seeing it as a game to be played between ego and essence. Who will win? Discipline yourself to experience awe and wonder at the eccentricity of life, and to be inspired to engage your creativity in new ways, driven more by your intuition than by the rational mind.”


“It is a great month to continue the big clean out, not only of physical items that are no longer resonant with you, but also habits, behaviors, energy leaks and attitudes that should not be given any value. The law of attraction is alive and well this month and what you put your energy into will grow and spread like a virus. It is time to starve the fear and negativity, and to feed the curiosity, optimism, hope and everything that you value about yourself, your environment, others and your life. When you feed the positive, it will spread and affect everything around you. If you feed the negative, the same thing will happen. So, keep it positive, hopeful and optimistic no matter what.”


“This is a great month for pushing the envelope and dreaming something different, imagining something more, taking a calculated risk, trusting new collaborations and being inspired by what could be instead of disillusioned by what has not manifested.

It is very important, especially during these potent times of new and full moons, eclipse and solstice, to completely let go of any past attachments, regrets or blame, and to make yourself available for a new adventure. This is also where the hard work comes in. Focus, discipline and perseverance is rewarded with positive results and recognition.  This is also the area where you can turn challenges into opportunities through creative thinking and problem solving.  If something is important, don’t give up or give in to failure, instead, fully lean into the opportunity and see where it takes you.

If something is not important and there is no energy in it for you, best to give it up and not hang on. The new moon and eclipse energy could bring about unexpected change, reversals in direction, and sudden plans either being made or discarded. Instead of being disappointed, be flexible and curious about the new possibilities. And remember to move into the experience instead of away from it.”