Full Moon in Gemini with a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

“Use this time to honor change and to focus on what you wish to dream up for yourself for the future. Despite what might be happening around you or in the greater collective, you can take some space to feed your own container with the energies that will better support you. Think of infusing your intentions with inspiration, beauty, determination, optimism, progress and anything that brings your experience of life to a higher level.

Make sure you do whatever you can to stay out of fear as fear will take you down into a very negative place where you can easily lose your direction and land in an uncomfortable fog.

Eclipses always potentiate the full and new moon times and give an extra boost of energy to whatever is happening in your life as well as your personal intentions. So engage in something positive and be disciplined about lending your creative optimism to the future.

We are moving into a very active time where you will need to pay close attention to your personal direction, your truth, your trust and your discipline.”

Super New Moon in Scorpio, November 2020

“This new moon launches a challenging week of catharsis, crisis and growth where serious choices are made, a little chaos is everywhere and people around you may react in negative ways. Not everyone is feeling inspired, hopeful, grateful and enthusiastic about change…

This time frame could highlight the deepest dysfunction and demand full forgiveness of self, the past, and others as the cost of admission into your better future. The limitations of the mind could introduce the concept of futility. Do not listen. There was never a better time to think outside the box and to use your discipline for any exercise that leads to a higher vibration.

Because of the cathartic crisis energy of this time frame, it is actually a good time to reach for something you could not have imagined. Take a risk towards something that feels right and that you love…”


“Several opportunities will present themselves this month for some cathartic release of old patterns, attachments, past wounds, disappointments, emotional debris, regrets, and old dreams and expectations. This will trigger a necessary realignment in these areas that will support essential preparation for the times to come. This is a fascinating month where being a little eccentric and thinking outside the box with creative problem solving and expanded ideas will yield positive movement in the right direction.

Wherever you are stuck and whatever you have been holding on to, or not able to let go of, will surely come loose, like a label on a jar where one corner is still stubbornly sticky as you try and remove it. Until the whole label is off, you cannot relabel the jar. In this example, think of releasing a whole identity of the past so you can begin to rename and reconfigure a new one that is better aligned…

This month is a potent time of preparation, mostly internal preparation, for huge changes ahead. We have no idea from where we sit now how these changes will manifest but we do need to be ready. Preparedness is discarding the old so you have some room to welcome in the new. Think outside the box and be expansive in your “what ifs” to give the universe something to consider. Allow your heart, intuition, and important priorities to guide you in right realignment. This process may bring sudden changes in work, relationship, place, attitude, expression, or beliefs. If it does, that is a good thing…

There is an aspect of isolation and separation this month (not helped by COVID) that creates a need to reach out to others in any way you can. We all want to feel like we are a part of something harmonious, exciting and productive. We want to exchange with others on the same page. We are tired of our isolation and feeling stuck. We want to move on. And we will, step by step. Make sure you are not using your irritation and resentment to simply complain and distract yourself from the internal work that is necessary. Be responsible, be mature, and use this time wisely.”

Neil Kramer : Chastened By Reality

“Liberalism is a Trojan Horse. It pretends to be about equity and evolution, but it’s really about divison and despiritualization. It is against natural divine order. For a good while now, it’s been the perfect narcotic for dark forces to demean people into secular robot cultists.

Communism, Fascism, Marxim, Socialism, Liberalism: same thing. Transhumanists fantasizing that they can marry themselves to A.I. and reign supreme as monarchs of the Earth transcending morality and erasing nature: same thing. And it has to be said, there are a disturbing number of Trojan Horses at play in mainstream society, some are rather unsurprising, frankly, but some are distinctly alarming…

Prominent examples of Trojan Horses today are: The European Union, The United Nations, Planned Parenthood, American Civil Liberties Union, Black Lives Matter, Antifa, Southern Poverty Law Center, The Federal Reserve, LGBTQ, Liberalism, Secular Humanism, Transhumanism, Common Purpose, Vaccines, 5G, Google, Twitter, FaceBook, Netflix, Amazon, Hollywood, Big Pharma, Big Agriculture; half of life, really: total deceptions.

The reality gap between the overt quasi-legitimate front of these organizations and their covert, real evil purpose is immense, and most employees and consumers and advocates, of course, choose, through keeping their lenses dirty and distorted on purpose, to know little or nothing about any of this treachery.

Each Trojan Horse attacks a different part of society; they all have specific targets to go after over the years, but they do all share one common goal — which is to turn people away from God by turning them away from a thirst for truth, for justice, for morality, for goodness…

The Trojan Horse is trying to make goodness look lame, old fashioned, uncool, to make truth seem judgmental and offensive, to make God seem antiquated, unjust, discriminatory… a remnant from an age of primitive unawareness, quite unnecessary when we have science, this is why many imperially conditioned people exhibit the common traits of superiority, passive-aggression and godlessness, they have been trained to. Though, of course, they sometimes pose as community focused and peaceful and virtuous, this facade, though, doesn’t last very long in broad daylight before it bursts into flames from the heat of their own smoldering self-loathing…

The treacherous cannot withstand the daylight.” ~Neil Kramer


“This month includes a continuation of intense emotional ups and downs, disappointments, irritations, anger, disbelief, unexpected challenges, loss, roadblocks and reactions, poor communication, deep grief, confusion, outrage and despair. Any one of these is enough to take us down and immobilize us from taking proactive steps forward towards something positive and constructive. Any one of these can tempt us to give up and give in to being the ultimate victims of the times, our lives and everything that seems to be in the way of our joy, happiness, clarity, progress and satisfaction. The theme is “Keep Going, No Matter What” because that is exactly what we all need to do…

This month has some very big opportunities for a final clean out of old emotional debris, as well as an intense reboot and reset of priorities and intentions. Challenges can surface overnight and the more flexible and accepting you can remain, the faster the solutions will appear. You could even be totally amazed at the rapid fluctuations from one to the other. There is a fine line between terror and excitement. The idea is to keep moving forward towards excitement at the possibilities instead of getting stuck in the terror of negative possibilities…

If we can “keep going, no matter what”, we will be that much stronger in our own truth and resolution, courage and conviction. We will be able to hold our ground, speak up for our rights, whether at work, home or socially, and be more confident in who we are, what we want, and what we will and won’t do.

Part of “keep going” includes keep praying, keep doing your practices, keep tracking your goals, keep kindness in your heart, keep encouraging yourself and others, keep your frequency as high as possible, keep moving forward in your tasks and projects, and keep positive no matter what, without being naïve or in denial. The opportunity this month is to break through emotional and energetic barriers of karmic shame and pain, freeing us to be more of who we are and who we were meant to be on this planet.”



“The Full Harvest Moon in Aries occurs on October 1st. This luminary is the closest to the Fall Equinox and is known for its orange tinge. It is a time of reflection as we embark on a new season. This luminary is also a time of fruition, when crops are ready to harvest. The Harvest Moon is the first of two Full Moons in October, the second one occurring on Halloween (which is the Blue Hunter’s Moon). 

The planetary ruler of the Moon is Mars, who’s retrograde in Aries. This means that emotions will be intense and frustrations high. Be prepared to argue and release the past. This lunar event aligns with the healing centaur Chiron, who’s retrograde in Aries. Chiron is a mythological being who had the innate ability to mend the wounds of others, but not his own scars. Therefore, when we deal with Chiron we are engaging and discussing trauma that we never fully recovered from. Being that Chiron is retrograde in Aries, we can expect to feel the pain or hurts that we’ve previously shrugged off. It’ll all resurface now, under the Full Harvest Moon…

There’s an innate energy around evolving from the past, if we are ready to learn and understand the lessons needed to evolve…”

Controlling Your Mind

“Your greatest need is to clean out the enormous mass of mental and emotional rubbish that clutters your mind. You need to learn how to select your thoughts just the same way you select your clothes every day. This is a power you can cultivate. If you want to control things in your life, work on controlling your mind. In most cases, that’s the only thing you should be trying to control.” ~Marc Chernoff



“This month is about finding that place of inspiration and excitement for change, facing challenges proactively, and finding opportunity in the face of opposition and loss. The discipline will be to stay flexible and engage in trust, hope and confidence in your own ability to create and manifest a right future and a right livelihood.

Shifting your attitude from fear to excitement is key. Embracing change and being delighted with what is new will go a long way in keeping your level of enthusiasm high and your vibration light. When challenges come up or old trauma surfaces, celebrate the opportunity to move through them and reset your life. This month is about being proactive and not settling for a diminished experience. Even in the midst of pandemic restrictions, you can ignite your own creativity and inspiration with trust in your intuition, truth and emotional wisdom.

Let’s turn this month into an exciting and proactive time rather than a passive time of fear, despair and inertia.

Step one: be accepting of change.

Step two: practice the discipline of flexibility in all things. Let go of the past, let go of expectations.

Step three: trust your intuition, right timing and inner guidance as you contemplate taking action. Engage the support of your guides and allies.

Step four: be very disciplined about turning any fear, anxiety, despair or lethargy into powerful inspiration, excitement and positive action. Use creative expression to get the energy moving.

This can be a fantastic month of movement, evolution and emotional clarity. 

You will need to give up any attachments to past and future expectations, to feeling victimized, and to the need to be right. Things may look chaotic, unpredictable, unfixable and confused. The good news is that there is a new landscape and we do know that you can only fix current problems with new tools, and not the past ones that created the issues in the first place.

So, look to the future with hope and inspiration. Collectively we have the ability to change it for the better. We have no clue or idea what it will look like but we can feel into it with excitement and trust.”

“Transforming Suffering into Peace, Joy, and Liberation”


“Do not lose yourself in the past. Do not lose yourself in the future. Do not get caught in your anger, worries, or fears. Come back to the present moment, and touch life deeply. This is mindfulness.” ~Thich Nhat Hanh



“We have come to the hardest rapid in the river and you can sit in the eddy holding on to your fear or you can go through it proactively with the right set up and determination, turning your fear into the excitement of the thrill. You cannot turn back and sitting in the eddy or going back upriver are not good options.

This is a scary time for many, and the unknown quality of the future can either add to the fear or it can inspire new ideas and possibilities. As the structures we have come to rely on are crumbling before us, it is better to focus on the space being created instead of the form being lost. In that new space, you have the proactive option of inserting your own creativity, intentions, and inspiration.

The energy this month can be harsh, aggressive, and ruthless. A negative way to handle the intensity would be to engage in conflict, stubbornly hold on to your attachments, and get stuck in fear, anxiety, and worry. This is a position of reactivity and will only make you vulnerable instead of powerful. If you are sitting in the eddy, stuck in your own fears, you are vulnerable to being hit by something coming down the river, forcing an adjustment you do not need or are not ready for. This is not the month to be in the wrong place and the wrong time so pay attention, be present, proactive, courageous, and use this energy wisely

[F]ocus on what is true for you, acknowledge what is out of balance, face change with acceptance, adjust what needs it in your own life, and be inspired by the unknown trajectory of the future

Loss can be painful, and a time of mourning as well as honoring a completion can be a necessary closure to an old dream, relationship, livelihood, project, or general way of life. Take the time but don’t wallow in it. Refocus as quickly as you can on the space for something new.

The intense adjustment includes a deeper release, eradicating old patterns by their roots. They are like weeds and will grow back if you don’t dig deep enough…

Intensity is an energy. If used well, it can jump-start something big, wonderful, and exciting in your life. If not used well, it can create havoc, chaos, danger, and result in something less than ideal. Best is to identify what needs adjusting and do it before it does you.

Like kinks in a garden hose, if you leave them kinked, you will have a greatly reduced flow and may end up with cracks in your hose. If you unkink and adjust the hose, the water flows again and you can successfully water your plants. This is a metaphor for your own energy. You need it to flow without the kinks of fears, attachments, and stubbornness in order to water your dreams, intentions, and opportunities.“