Neil Kramer : Magma

“This episode features contemplations on: the phantom plague fiasco, maintaining stupors, caring about reality, world madness, gambling with God, brain usage, conditions of fallenness, what is suffering, hate & pity, small circle of life, heartbreak, attaining a path, new deep union, destruction of old outer self, creation of new inner self.”

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“The Coronavirus Caper is being used as a weapon, a test, an instrument for control… The facts demonstrate that when you adjust the CDC figures downwards to focus only on deaths from Covid-19, the numbers are in line with normal annual flu deaths, nothing unusual…

For myself, I see no need to take an experimental vaccine. It is experimental simply because no one knows the long term effects of any of them, for at least another ten years. So before then, we are in an experimental phase; logic tells us that. And besides, even vaccinated, you can still get Covid and still pass it on.

And when you then factor in the grossly deceptive mass conditioning in support of vaccines from various scumbag people and institutions around the world, that tells me, personally, to instead cultivate my body’s natural immune response and resilience via other more natural, safe, proven means. And if the worst comes to the worst, there are still existing effective therapeutic treatments for Covid that don’t experimentally mess around with my body and it’s intrinsic genetic building blocks.” ~Neil Kramer


“[Nikola Tesla] had this beautiful saying which kind of encapsulates Hindu philosophy really well. He said that, ‘to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.

Everything is made up of energy that’s vibrating at its own frequency. What we believe is that if your subconscious is filled with patterns that are vibrating at a certain frequency… and if you can go into your subconscious and create a pattern, infuse it with energy that’s vibrating at a certain frequency, you can attract things of a similar nature to it.”

A Time of Change

Jonna Jinton

“A very wise man recently told me to be like the bison. They do not run away and seek shelter from the storm like many other animals do; they go right through it and face the hardest parts so that they come out of the other side much faster…

I believe that when we are in a time of deep transformation, it‘s more important than ever not to hide from things that are uncomfortable and not to get stuck in patterns or old ways of believing things just because it feels safe. But instead, to go right into that storm of emotions and fear or whatever it might be and face the things that we know we need to change deep inside of us… to bring it to the surface so that we can release it and be part of this transformation that we need to go through…

[We] are meant to go through storms.”

How Dark Entities Feed on our Energy, and How to Protect Ourselves

Free Range Humans – Understanding the Matrix Control System & Awakening Your True Self‘.

“The NHF [Negative Hostile Forces]-controlled Cabal have achieved [damaging our auric field] by putting fluoride with its heavy metal contaminants in the public water supply, creating addictive junk and genetically modified foods, normalising the regular consumption of alcohol, stimulants, and drugs, poisoning the air with chemtrails, treating us with pharmaceuticals disguised as “medicines,” injuring the still developing nervous system in children with toxic vaccines, and creating a highly competitive and economically driven culture, just to name a few of many such examples…

The following is a list of some key requirements, from a mental, spiritual, and physical perspective, that support a healthy and strong mind, body, and auric field, thus largely protecting us against attacks from both the semi-physical and non-physical NHF’s…

• Clean and natural water free from fluoride and heavy metals.
• Adequate amounts of sunshine and fresh air, and regular sunbathing
• A nourishing diet consisting of wholefoods free from chemical pesticides and grown in rich, fertile soil
• Daily exercising and stretching.
• Daily doses of grounding in Nature, with the bare feet touching the earth.
• Daily meditation, with a particular focus on embodiment practises.
• A social environment that encourages one to pursue creative passions with unbridled enthusiasm.
• A social environment that does not breed stress and anxiety, and does not invade privacy.
• Freedom from all addictions.
• Adequate daily rest and sleep, free from the influence of the EMF pollution that emanates from wireless technologies.
• A close-knit social community and tribe that supports and provides emotional healing….
• An education that includes a deep study of Nature and how to be resourceful within it, such as finding water, growing food, building shelter, building community, etc… [and] a study and understanding of the spiritual realms and the different beings that inhabit them

On top of the requirements just mentioned, another key to protecting ourselves from OE [Occult Entity] attacks is by learning to become vigilant in observing the inner mechanisms of our mind. This is in contrast to being constantly distracted by the happenings of the external world, which is what the OE’s want. By doing this, we can learn to discern which thoughts and feelings are truly ours and which have been externally injected into us.”

Tom Montalk

Neil Kramer: Justice is Certain for All

“The absurd tyranny the world is suffering right now is a necessary, if painful, teaching. The levels of theatrical evil are directly related to the lavish unconsciousness of the totally apathetic masses. They feed its persistence. And we all get to experience the net reaping.

Nevertheless, my reason and instincts tell me that empire is about to get a nasty surprise. Publicly. For the first time in a long time. God willing it’s very soon. I know major things are happening in the covert world (and they are), but it’s wearying never seeing results out there in the plain light of day.

Ultimately – theologically speaking – justice is certain for all. No exceptions. But I’d sure like to see the veil ripped away right now. But that’s just me.” ~Neil Kramer

Inner Smile Meditation

“This is an ancient meditation which has roots in both Taoist and Tibetan traditions and is used widely in martial arts where its considered important to help create courage and flexibility.

Recent research shows a direct association between the physiological health of the heart and emotional states and how emotional stress can weaken the functioning of the heart – the inner smile is a meditative practice that can benefit your health and well being…

The heart is the most important organ in our body and is also the center of beauty, love, compassion and wisdom. Normally we open our hearts to what we like. This practice helps us open and strengthen our heart consciously, so we can live with an open heart, which is less dependent on an external event or a person…  

When our heart is open we may be less fearful, have less anxiety, and be less judgemental of others. Our life will flow more easily. Our stress levels and health will improve – the Qi flows more easily and smoothly throughout the meridians and in turn this helps our organs and body functions become more harmonious.”

What is Happening on a 3D/4D Level and Possible Future Scenarios – Tom Montalk


“Tom Montalk returns to the Cosmic Matrix to talk with Bernhard Guenther about recent and current events regarding the political situation in the US, and various theories regarding Trump’s actions. Tom shares his research into the Q material and people’s expectations and assumptions, the issue with anticipating specific events from a quantum/metaphysical level, the necessity to expose the corruption and evil to the whole world, and the silver lining in the current situation to initiate a mass awakening securing a more positive future.

Furthermore, Tom talks about the role of the military and various possible strategies happening behind the scenes, the evident election fraud, Durham’s role, and the idea that Q is a psy-op based on a 1920 Bolshevik disinformation campaign called “Operation Trust,” the interrelationship between our inner psychology/the shadow and oppressive political systems like communism and fascism, what we can do as individuals to stay grounded, aligning with a more positive timeline, and more…”

Tao Te Ching

“When society changes from its natural state of flux, to that which seems like chaos, the inner world of the superior man remains uncluttered and at peace. 

By remaining still, his self detached, he aids society in its return to the way of nature and of peace. The value of his insight may be clearly seen when chaos ceases…” [16. Returning to the Root]

“Arguments may be won by waiting, rather than making an aggressive move; by withdrawing rather than advancing.

By moving without appearing to move, by not making a show of strength, but by conserving it well; by capturing without attacking, by being armed, but with no weapons, great battles may be won…” [69. The Use of the Mysterious Tao]

“Man is born gentle and supple. At death, his body is brittle and hard. Living plants are tender, and filled with life-giving sap, but at their death they are withered and dry.  

The stiff, the hard, and brittle are harbingers of death, and gentleness and yielding are the signs of that which lives. The warrior who is inflexible condemns himself to death, and the tree is easily broken, which ever refuses to yield. Thus the hard and brittle will surely fall, and the soft and supple will overcome.“ [76. Against Trusting in Strength]