“The best approach to a new story is to ask the questions that will open up the dialogue. What and whom do you serve in this life? What do you fear? How are you supported? What truly makes you happy? What are the addictions you desire to change? What are the energy leaks in your life? What part of your current story are you truly done with? What are your disappointments, resentments and judgments? Where are you not neutral? What are you not ready or willing to let go of? What are you ready and willing to let go of? What are your past unrealized dreams that are no longer viable? What are your theories, what is your truth?

The first step in a new story is to let go of the old one without anger, disappointment or judgment. The more neutral you can be about what is leaving your field, the easier the process…

To navigate this month well will require the discipline to stay in your own lane and take responsibility for your own restlessness and irritation by channeling that energy into productive action. It is important to keep your vibration as high as possible and work with gratitude, love, awe and a focus on beauty… Staying present, practicing compassion and cultivating an appreciation for all of life will go far in supporting and feeding a new story.”

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