Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn


“This full moon hits us in the foundational structures we have come to rely on our lives. It is an opportunity to release our attachment to them and begin to revision what can replace them that would better serve our evolution and movement onto the next step on our path as a human race. We all need to spend a little time revisioning what we truly want for ourselves, our community, our country and our planet. This work will make a difference.

If something has recently changed in your life that has upset the equilibrium of your daily habits and patterns, take this as an opportunity to step back and use the disruption to be proactive with a revision or a reset. The inspiration that will fuel this reset is gratitude, love and awe. Stay away from anything negative if you can, including news, people, your own worry and thoughts, as well as the fears and projections of others. You are creating new foundations at this time and it is important to revision from our own clarity and inner values not clouded by other outside energies.

Spend some time making an inventory of what you love and don’t love about your life right now. This is just an inventory, the choices, actions and reset will come later.”


This eclipse is a time of reflection.



“The main focus in this rather ordinal month is to do what is in front of you and needs to be done in order to move on. Whether this is forgiving your emotional past, letting go of old dreams, trusting your vision for the future, weeding your yard, cleaning your fridge, adjusting to a new landscape, simplifying your life, or simply being in the flow of what is showing up (or not showing up), the task is to stay present and to be inspired by the simple daily accomplishments instead of being in resistance to the larger rather uninspired energy influencing the first part of the month.

Although we are thick into the process of transformation, we are still in the birth canal and will be for some time. As we are still in the dark, the unknown future can be either terrifying or exciting as we contemplate “what could be”. The proactive attitude is adopting the belief and reminding ourselves that we create our own reality, and as highly creative beings on this planet, we can create a future that we wish to see, experience and love.

In order to revision, revise or reset anything, you need to first see what needs it. What needs it will be something in your life that does not work, flow, or support you. The first step is to acknowledge these aspects from a neutral place of acceptance without judgment or blame. The second step is to commit to eliminating, forgiving, and releasing what no longer serves. The third step is to welcome the void and get comfortable in the not knowing by practicing presence and flexibility. Only now are you ready to re-vision, revise, and reset.

Watch for stubbornness as it tries to convince you to hold on to old plans, wounds, being right, schedules, people, and structures. Stubbornness resists authority so you will need to become your own authority so that you are making the changes in your life proactively from a place of power instead of feeling victimized. Look inside to your own sense of responsibility, accept truth, and follow your intuition…

A reset happens when you let go of an emotional, physical or mental structure that has served as your container in the past. A reset includes a commitment or intention that moves you in a new direction and can be accompanied by feeling unbalanced, unfocused, confused, and out of sorts until you find your new grounding and anchor. It is a process so be patient and stay out of stubbornness which is the fear of change.”

FULL MOON in Scorpio – May 7th 2020


“We need to trust that all our troubles, our pain, our issues have been there to teach us how to meet this moment and transcend our fears. The future awaits us…

Full Moon energies bring what’s been hidden from our ego consciousness to light. As we re-engage in the world, this Scorpio Full Moon might reflect back to us what we really yearn for – those things in life that bring us peace and joy and satisfaction… While this watery Full Moon brings up issues of letting go of what no longer serves life, it also has a powerful hit from Neptune in Pisces, opening us to compassion, not only for all people suffering during this pandemic, but also for ourselves…

Neptune also gives us the tool of the creative imagination to help us through this death and rebirth of our culture. As we release the emotional wounds that keep us repeating our insanity, we need to fill those spaces with possibilities…

Living in our active imaginations can change our habits quicker than anything else… [W]e have the ability to see and communicate what is broken in our society as well as what expectations we need to let go of in trying to return to ‘normal.’ Instead, we can be looking for opportunities to bring something into play that people need. Something many of us have spent our lifetimes discovering and learning.

Now is the time for us to lead the way into a better future… This is the Wesak Full Moon, when the Buddha attained Nirvana – when he saw the truth of the world. With this Buddha Moon, it is a time of realization, when even the most unconscious of us had to look at ourselves and our behavior.

Who are we now? Who will we be when we go back out – emerge – and what will we see? We’ve all been on retreat for 40 days/40 nights. The question is, what have we discovered?



“This is a month that supports internal self-observation and reflection offering deep insights into who you are and what you are doing in your life. It is a time of preparation for breakthroughs and the potential for more dramatic change coming in the next few months. If you use this time wisely, you can align yourself with your own authentic self that is based on your own current truth rather than old patterns and outdated belief systems…

The self-observation and reflection includes both the emotional system as well as insights of the higher mind. It is very important to keep the rational mind out of this process as the rational mind tends to overthink everything and bases its conclusions on past experiences only and does not consider new insights or your emotional intuition and awareness. The higher mind is engaged this month and should be given the freedom to bring new awareness into your psyche and reflection of who you are…

Freedom is just on the other side of this time of reflection. As difficult as it may be to disengage from attachments and co-dependencies, the freedom to become more authentic in your life is worth the sacrifice. So, pay attention and be present. Pay attention to what is being reflected back to you by others. Pay attention to what you are reflecting back to others. Pay attention to your insights, intuition and curiosity. Use that curiosity to question everything in your life. And be inspired by the answers.

It is not time yet to for drastic change to manifest but rather to prepare and make plans and set intentions based on insights, reflection and truth. Patience is a quality to be nurtured this month with the understanding that there is plenty of time ahead and timing is everything. Through this pandemic, change in routine, and self-isolation, we have been given the gift of healing our relationship with time and any urgency you feel should be channeled into your own self-reflection rather than action. That will come in good time.”



“When a computer runs out of space and memory, it is time to shut it down, clean it up, get rid of the old files that are cluttering up the system, and add an internal upgrade. When it is rebooted, you have many more options, a learning curve for the new applications, and the kinks often need to be worked out.

If our planet is like a computer, it has now been shut down. A virus has corrupted our files and we are in the process of reworking everything. When it reboots, it will be a different operating system that will have to take some getting used to. When the computer is down, one has to use creative and alternative methods to complete tasks and communicate with others. This is a simple analogy of the bigger picture of where we are.

Creating the New requires adaptability, flexibility, resourcefulness and adjustment. It also demands that we live our truth more than ever before. Authentic creation can only spring from the seed that you have within you that is connected to your own medicine, your own truth and your own purpose. We are given the opportunity to go into the void and connect with creative material we have not accessed or used before. This is not about dismantling an old structure and then rebuilding something from old materials. This is about the old structures dissolving completely and new forms emerging from deep within…

Old ideals that are stubbornly holding on are like fierce weeds that threaten to choke out the seedlings that are emerging. These weeds have deep roots but as any living thing, they will also die if not fed. What feeds them is fear, attachment, greed, competition and all the negative traits that have built up in our consciousness and global society over the past two thousand years. If you turn your attention away from the negative and always inward towards the void and positive creative possibilities, the weeds will weaken and die…

This is a great time to work on your relationship with yourself. What is essential to you? What is your self-care at this time? Appreciate being with yourself without distraction, feel your feelings, deal with what is coming up. Clear, forgive, choose, improve and be disciplined. Reach out to those you are connected with that mean something to you. This time gives us an opportunity to cull the relationships that are complete, non-essential and unnecessary…

Release fear, release expectations, release old attachments, release judgment, release old clothes, release despair, release non-essential time wasters, release relationships that are complete, release work that does not make you happy, release old karma, release anger and blame, release old files and unfinished projects, release criticism, release old schedules, release limiting beliefs etc., etc., etc. You get the picture. This is also the best time for cleaning and clearing both physically and energetically. In releasing and clearing you are making space. That space is an essential landing pad for the new that is coming.”



“Where can you practice more discernment?

What you read or listen to in the news. Practice neutrality when possible and balance negative triggers with news that is inspiring. Focus on the inspiration rather than the negative.

Whom you spend your time with. Some relationships are necessary even though they may be difficult.  Minimize your time with them to what is necessary and practice compassion rather than resistance. Cultivate and put energy into the ones that feed you.

What you do in your free time. Decrease screen time and increase the time out in nature. Be creative.

What you eat or put into your body. This needs no explanation.

Your thoughts. Discipline where your mind goes and practice gratitude whenever possible.

Your feelings. Let go of the past, let go of the past, let go of the past. Allow yourself to be loved and supported by you and others with your best interests in mind.

Your actions and motivations. Reflect a bit before you act. Are you acting, moving towards something from your truth? Or are you reacting?

Your self-care. What is enough? Too much? Where are you obsessive?

Your fears. Do whatever you can to turn your fears into proactive discipline and action. Fear is a frequency that can spread collectively and is not useful in solving anything. Practice discernment so you are not connected to, or affected by the fears of others…

On a personal level, this is a month of reflection, choices, and truth. If you don’t practice good discernment, you will definitely notice your life getting out of whack. This could lead to depression, anxiety, and confusion…

Think of this month as a preparation. Consider all of your resources, inner and outer, and how you are using them. What talents are you not sharing, where are you overspending in physical energy output and resources, where is your mental and emotional wisdom going, where are you still addicted to your own suffering, where are you present or not present as you show up in daily life? These are all contemplations that will bring you the clarity you need to make the right choices, some of them challenging, but necessary in the long run.”



“Management as a theme for this month covers management of your inner life as well as management of your outer life… Inner management has to do with lessons learned and the discipline to change belief systems, patterns and perceptions that only you can change. Outer management has to do with the practices, habits and behaviors that come from those belief systems, patterns and perceptions…

There are many areas of management that should be considered in your responsibility this month. Managing your priorities is first on the list… The other important area of management is around distractions, energy leaks and boundaries, especially around practices and habits that are detrimental to your balance of energy…

A huge distraction is falling into old habits and patterns of behavior that you are familiar with in an attempt to quiet the instinctive center that always gets a little freaked out with the push for change. The survival mechanism is to go back to what it knows and is familiar with even though it is old energy and old news. If you find yourself doing the same old thing as a distraction, become aware and conscious of it and use some discipline to be proactive about refocusing your action.

Managing your time is, of course, included in this discussion and definitely touches on boundaries and distractions. And, managing your fear patterns (Stubbornness, impatience, martyrdom, self-deprecation, arrogance, greed and self-destruction) is part of managing your inner life. When you fall into these behaviors they are triggered by fear, and that fear needs to be managed. Managing your body and its needs as well as managing the balance between your inner and outer life, your social and alone time, your spiritual practices and your day to day responsibilities, and the energy required to feed a new project or direction, are all to be considered this month.”



“We are beginning to see the results of the deconstructive energy of last month come to fruition. We will be witnessing the further dissolving of many structures we have relied on in the past, both physical and non-physical. It is important to be proactive instead of reactive and to keep your focus on your own goals, intentions and choices.

We can make great progress if we set ourselves up right from the start of this New Year…

This is also a good month to re-evaluate why you have not taken action on something you said you wanted. Why have you procrastinated doing something that is important to you? Is it that you don’t deserve it? Is it that it really was for someone else? Is it that it was important 20 years ago but not now? Or is it the fear of failure, or even success that holds you back? The first week of this year will be a great time for evaluating your own process, needs, hopes and fears. Don’t be surprised if very old patterns, beliefs and the residual of deep emotional wounding surfaces. They are there to be cleared for good so you can move on and seize the day…

We begin anything with potential and possibilities. It is a neutral place like neutral gear in a car. If you are run by fear, hopelessness, lethargy, lack of discipline, self-deprecation, martyrdom or stubbornness, you are likely to put the gear into reverse and go backwards down to the bottom and into the pool of despair.

On the other hand, if you are motivated by the excitement of what could be with a positive attitude, then you will put yourself in a gear that moves you forward. The key is keeping your vibration high by eliminating lower frequency situations, people and experiences from your life…

This is an inspiring time for really asking for what you want and then taking action on your commitments. Even small actions and baby steps will be acknowledged by spirit and supported by your allies. Do it now. If not now, when?”

Full Moon in Gemini


“When Charles Dickens penned A Tale of Two Cities in 1859, he began his novel with these now-famous lines: ‘It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…’ This text has been quoted endless times over the decades, especially when manifestations on the physical plane have seemed especially polarizing…

[W]ith each passing day, we feel the truth of Dickens’ words quite poignantly now—in particular, the closing lines of that first sentence of the novel: ‘…it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity.

Most of us have felt those extremes very deeply in 2019.

We’ve experienced the highs and lows, the optimism and the pessimism, the faith and the despair. One day (or even one moment), we may have the sense that All Is Well, while the next minute we may swing to the opposite end of the spectrum, fearing that nothing is ever going to be OK.

This week, planetary interactions focus our attention once again on the contrasts of the physical plane. While we may not be able to completely ignore the sharp spines of the cactus, we can choose whether to dwell on the potential for injury or to focus on the incredibly beautiful flowers that can unexpectedly bloom…

[W]e may have to deal with disillusionment when something does not live up to our ideal; and yet, as we rise above our expectations, we learn a new level of surrender to a higher agenda, letting go of limiting beliefs and mindsets.”



“What makes you happy, satisfied, fulfilled and content? Knowing who you are is one of the most important ways you can get and be prepared… Your motivation for life is what will drive your own personal creativity and direction, and your instincts and intuition should always be included.

The transition into a new perspective has already begun that will take us into a new set of influences and a new container for 2020. This is the month where preparation is key so that you won’t be caught unawares when the shifts and changes become reality…

Being prepared means not procrastinating what you can do today. Do what you say you are going to do when you say you are going to do it. It is as simple as that… If you cut out procrastination, you won’t be tempted to fritter your time away with unnecessary tasks as an avoidance strategy.

Take care of your body. This is perhaps the most important piece of getting and being prepared. If you don’t have your body functioning at its best, you are not prepared. This is a great month to revisit your diet, routines, exercise, habits, both good and bad, and make changes where they are needed. If you have any deferred maintenance on your body, do it now.

Psychological and spiritual preparation is subtle. We suggest decluttering any belief about impossibility and stretching your capacity to include the possibility of miracles, magic and amazing positive experiences. After all, we really cannot even begin to imagine what is possible in the future…

This is the month to really take time for yourself and to catch up with everything you said you were going to do in this past year. Either do it or eliminate it from your list. Use the momentum we have now to continue being proactive with what you want and what you need. The main focus is to know who you are…

[T]ake things as they come and stay neutral around a constantly changing landscape. It is from neutral that you can choose any gear and any direction. You have the opportunity this month to sharpen your intuition and your instincts. Keeping your instinctive center clean of old debris related to past trauma and wounding is also essential in eliminating fear and gaining more clarity.