Loving the Darkness – New Moon in Scorpio 2017


“If you’ve lived long enough, you’ve probably realized that life isn’t always “love and light,” that often, real healing requires not cleanliness or “good” thoughts, but boldly stepping into the dreaded darkness and facing some shit with a positive attitude… This New Moon is all about honesty, and when you’re honest with yourself and your real feelings and needs, authentic healing opportunities emerge. Jupiter’s transit through Scorpio (until Nov. of 2018) suggests rewards are waiting in the pit of hell…

The best advice for this New Moon: don’t just listen to your impulses. In fact, if you’re uncertain about what you should do, or what direction you should take, respond to reason, competent guidance, and intuition over any emotionally charged reaction. Ask people you trust to give you a more objective viewpoint.

This is likely to be an intense lunation, extending some moodiness or seething hostility into the collective vibes. It could also be incredibly sexy, passionate, and profound… Realize that whatever shows up, it’s okay. If it hurts, feel it. If you feel angry, get it out. Sit in your darkness and embrace that everything, even your worst fears, is still a part of your wholeness and deserving of love.”

NEW MOON in Scorpio – November 18, 2017


“Scorpio is intimate with the natural cycles of death, rebirth and transformation…

She reminds us of our innate ability to transmute poison, symbolized by the Scorpion, into wisdom symbolized by the Snake, so we can soar high like the Eagle and gain a broader vision of our Lives.

Like her fourth embodiment, the Phoenix, she reminds us of how time and time again, we rise from the ashes of our own transformation.”



“The naked awareness of the dark goddess is to see the destruction and death of the old and joyfully embrace it as a sign of imminent renewal.”




“When one has focused only on what is seen and shows up on the surface, what is beneath that surface becomes less and less fertile as time goes on. This month it is time to dig down deep and turn up what is underneath, bring it to the surface, inspect it, break it up, feed it, aerate it and fertilize it in preparation for new seeds.

This is what this month is all about…

One of the gifts of this time is the discovery of new passions and the rediscovery of old talents. As you turn up your past, your history, and your old dreams and inspirations, you may discover that you really do want to play music or write a book or be an artist or work with animals or children. It may be painful to look at and acknowledge the situations or reasons why you never followed through on those dreams. That’s the stuff under the ground that needs to be turned up, and your willingness, determination and discipline to do so is the shovel you will use.  Let those disappointments, judgments and regrets go.  Become neutral, practice forgiveness and then rekindle the passion and get some support in following through.

This could be a very exciting time for those of you who finally decide to follow your dreams… The challenges are going to be trusting the outcome, having the courage to make new choices, and staying out of blame. Inertia could set in when fear comes up around moving forward. Old wounds connected to regret and failure could surface, as well. Work through them, move forward and prepare your own “field” for a season of planting new seeds of old familiar dreams into freshly fertilized and upgraded soil…

It is a great month to rediscover what you truly desire and what you have a talent for. Be courageous and take a risk. The veil is thin between what is so and what can be, so take advantage of this somewhat unstable time to make your move.  Good mantra for the month is: “I can.“‘


NEW MOON in Libra – October 19, 2017


“Libra is about partnership and connection yet her shadow is sweeping things under the carpet as a means to not face and address what is not working, what is out of balance or what is simmering beneath the surface. With Uranus in fiery Aries opposite the lunation what we have stuffed or repressed will certainly come up and out! This can be good, freeing and liberating or it can be anxiety producing, chaotic and unexpected.

It is up to each of us and how we navigate this lunar cycle – with a willingness to face our own shadow, anger, rage and need to be in control. If we are conscious of it, we can start to relate to it more directly and work with this shadow part of self in integrative ways.

Before we can find peace, balance, harmony and right relationship – we have to acknowledge where we are out of balance, out of harmony and out of alignment.
Shadow dynamics arising right now are showing us what is beneath the surface that we have not looked at or have been avoiding looking at. This is not necessarily bad if we use this astrology wisely…

We have been in a huge death and rebirth portal in relationships of all kinds – romantic, marriage, business, financial and more. Massive transformation is possible, but also major endings can be necessary. Whatever old, toxic, stagnant, stuck ways of being we have been holding onto can come up for us to let go of.

We are in very huge ending cycles in relationships right now. This could be literal but also metaphoric – with one chapter ending and a new one being written. This can also relate to relationship patterns and karmas we are completing as well. Massive endings and new beginnings are incoming and our willingness to let go of the old will make the coming month more graceful and easeful.




“Speak your truth, voice your needs, show up, take a deep breath, regroup, refine, receive, have fun, be delighted, be in wonder and awe, love yourself, relax a little, be courageous and try new things, have compassion for others and take care of your body. This is the prescription for you personally this month…

Find your inner humor, inner creativity and inner expression. These all make up part of your foundation of inner wisdom, stability and balance. Everyone has a unique gift and talent they bring to this life. Just “be” it. We could say that this month provides an opportunity for you to become more of yourself, more connected to your essence and spirit than ever before…

This is an excellent month to focus on balance in the body. Get some physical, emotional and energetic help through acupuncture, massage, body work, energy work and anything that can support alignment, grounding and balance. You have the opportunity to feel “well” and to experience wellness that goes beyond just the physical. Part of the discipline is to practice gratitude daily and to receive the higher vibration of beauty, nature and the wonder of this universe…

Bring some inspiration into your life by starting something new or meeting some new people or embarking on a new project. Take more TIME to do everything. In this impatient western culture, show up early to events, drive slower, walk slower, take in your surroundings and see if you can enjoy a little more space. It will set you up the best for the flow of the month. Set an intention for ease, acceptance and a sense of well-being.”

Getting It Together: New Moon in Virgo


“This is a powerful Virgo season. This New Moon in tropical Virgo is joined by Mercury, Venus, and Mars–five planets all clustering in a single sign at the moment of this lunation. While a New Moon is typically our down time, conducive for recharging and rest, there’s just so much to do! …

Virgo’s highest aim is to nudge us in the direction of improvement. You might be feeling that there’s a “higher level” you could strive for no matter what you’ve accomplished.

Naturally, all of these high voltage Virgo vibes aren’t going to let us rest as much as we would like during a typical New Moon. From an evolutionary perspective, it’s “time” for all of us to take an honest assessment of ourselves and our lives and see where we can progress, and how much further we can thrust ourselves closer to those Virgoan ideals.

This Virgo season can help you get a lot done, like anything you’ve set aside but didn’t have the energy to check off your list until now. How wonderful it is to have that feeling of getting things in better order and organized. Virgo can indulge in that sensation of relief once everything is finally cleaned up, inducing a sense of calm and utter tranquility. Another Virgo attribute is the building of competence–becoming better at what we do to serve the world.

With this New Moon, there’s something dynamic beginning somewhere in your life that can help you step up and make something more of yourself and augment your life circumstances.

NEW MOON in Virgo September 19th / 20th, 2017


*NEW MOON* in Virgo augurs a time of deep self-healing. VIRGO is the archetype of the healer, the medicine woman, the one who is dedicated to serving her people. And yet there always comes a time when even she must retreat and give some of that healing to herself. Her connection to Source is strengthened when she goes within.

And so she allows things to fall where they may, and like leaves falling, she sees the patterns and knows what she must keep and what she must shift.

And in the shifting tides, she allows herself the time she needs to heal.”


Full Moon in Pisces – September 6, 2017


“[U]se this moon to acknowledge courage, expansion, showing up and your own power and ability to change, adjust and be more. Use this full moon to energize your physical, emotional and spiritual self. Gather some chi from nature, from the sun, from the earth, the sky realm and all the unseen powers and allies around you.

If you feel overwhelmed by the enormity, just acknowledge, accept and be OK with it. You’ll get used to it. It is like being sore after exercising a muscle that has not yet been used. If you continue, the discomfort will pass and you will be stronger for it.

This is also a good time to dream your future. Put some of that good chi and emotion into how you want to feel in your life from now on. Take those intentions you set during the eclipse and energize them with beauty, love, inspiration, gratitude and awe. It is helpful to be around nature, what you love, and lots of beauty.”




“We are now navigating the debris kicked up by events that triggered the RESET of August. We know something is different, and we know things should be different. We feel somehow different and some of us are manifesting big changes, but we cannot fully embrace the reality of it until we adjust on all levels, assimilating and integrating as we go.

So, this is the period of great ADJUSTMENT.

There is a new energy inside each one of us whether it is tangible at this point or not. This new energy requires that your environment, whatever that may be, adjust itself to you in a new way. This could mean a sudden move, a radical change in work, an upgrade in your home, vehicle or electronics or a change in your relationships including one with self. You may feel an overwhelming desire to clean out, move things around, get rid of the old, bring in the new, get different support, make new friends, and generally upgrade your personal environment to reflect a new vibration and new intentions…

There is a big picture at work here and we have not yet been able to see or experience fully the outcome of what we are currently creating for ourselves… The sun and the earth are at a new vibration, adjusting to each other, and since all of life is informed by those two energies, there is a need to adjust ourselves to this new vibration as fully as we can…

Don’t let old self-judgments get in the way of what you can have at this time. This is an exciting opportunity for improvement and a chance to re-invent, recreate and rebirth yourself. It is important to strike a good balance between driving the boat and letting the current guide you. Adjusting your environment to you requires action. Be proactive in cleaning out and getting rid of the old and bringing in improvements to support the new…

Deep emotional and psychological debris is still being triggered and stirred up this month, dredging up old wounds and challenging the false personality. You must resist the urge to wallow in misery and martyrdom. Instead take a deep breath, let out a big sigh and focus on gratitude, love and awe. This is a higher vibration and will keep you on the right track…

It is time to change the story and tell a new one about ourselves and the world we live in. Only a new story will help us to adjust to the change that is already here.”