“The main focus in this rather ordinal month is to do what is in front of you and needs to be done in order to move on. Whether this is forgiving your emotional past, letting go of old dreams, trusting your vision for the future, weeding your yard, cleaning your fridge, adjusting to a new landscape, simplifying your life, or simply being in the flow of what is showing up (or not showing up), the task is to stay present and to be inspired by the simple daily accomplishments instead of being in resistance to the larger rather uninspired energy influencing the first part of the month.

Although we are thick into the process of transformation, we are still in the birth canal and will be for some time. As we are still in the dark, the unknown future can be either terrifying or exciting as we contemplate “what could be”. The proactive attitude is adopting the belief and reminding ourselves that we create our own reality, and as highly creative beings on this planet, we can create a future that we wish to see, experience and love.

In order to revision, revise or reset anything, you need to first see what needs it. What needs it will be something in your life that does not work, flow, or support you. The first step is to acknowledge these aspects from a neutral place of acceptance without judgment or blame. The second step is to commit to eliminating, forgiving, and releasing what no longer serves. The third step is to welcome the void and get comfortable in the not knowing by practicing presence and flexibility. Only now are you ready to re-vision, revise, and reset.

Watch for stubbornness as it tries to convince you to hold on to old plans, wounds, being right, schedules, people, and structures. Stubbornness resists authority so you will need to become your own authority so that you are making the changes in your life proactively from a place of power instead of feeling victimized. Look inside to your own sense of responsibility, accept truth, and follow your intuition…

A reset happens when you let go of an emotional, physical or mental structure that has served as your container in the past. A reset includes a commitment or intention that moves you in a new direction and can be accompanied by feeling unbalanced, unfocused, confused, and out of sorts until you find your new grounding and anchor. It is a process so be patient and stay out of stubbornness which is the fear of change.”

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