“It is a month of paying attention to the signs, of acceptance of what is and what is [not] showing up, of choosing your own reality vs the reality of others, and of allowing your intentions to align with right timing. Emotional clarity confirms your right reality and synchronicity and ease of action confirms you are on the right track.

We take a break this month from instability, chaos and change, and have a chance to take a breath and confirm what is right for us at this time in our lives. And with that, we have an opportunity to anchor good practices for paying attention to signs and working with our allies. Many of you may feel inspired to look ahead and to imagine an expanded next step for your life…

[W]hat is “right” will manifest in synchronicity and ease of action and you will experience a great flow of alignment. It is time to learn the lesson that growth does [not] need to include suffering and to be grateful instead of suspicious when life seems “too easy.”

This is the “reality check.”  What do you feel? Is it yours? Is it right? Is it unfolding with ease? What is showing up? What are the signs?

If there are issues needing your attention, they will make themselves known. Pay attention. If the universe is handing you a new opportunity, pay attention. Take advantage, stay present, accept what is and allow yourself to have, to release, to change…

This is a beautiful month with amazing gifts. Allow yourself to receive, to grow, to change, to love, to accept, to be loved, to create, to complete, to begin, to bloom, and to live!”

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