Full Moon in Scorpio – May 10, 2017


“Full Moon in Scorpio is that one time in the year when the Moon reflects back to us in full glory our deepest, feminine water power. Water is the element most impressionable, most reflective, most emotional, most empathetic, most patient…

[U]niquely having three totems, the Scorpion, the Eagle, and the Phoenix, you have a choice as to how you will express your emotional power outwardly. Will you sting self and others, will you fly above the daily pettiness and observe from your lofty perch utilizing perfect force and timing, or will you conquer personal obstacles by rising from your own ashes and being spectacularly, almost miraculously reborn?

When the power of alchemical Scorpio shines down upon us, we create at heroic levels and are impassioned to achieve what we desire. We go the distance; we relish the challenge; we eliminate everything extraneous and superfluous…

We’re just beginning to feel the forward movement of Mercury that began May 3. All that revisiting and reorganizing and regrouping are beginning to pay off… Mercury is still traveling with the powerful planet Uranus. When these two get together, you have the potential for powerful mental energy – genius, inspiration like a lightning bolt where insights, solutions and ideas fall out of the sky.

We have the opportunity to suddenly shift our old ways of thinking and wake up to where we are in this moment. What happened?! We woke up and a huge chunk of time has passed. Time to sweep the carcasses of the past out, free the magnificent phoenix within, and begin to tell a new story that is our life reborn.”

The Settling Storm: Full Moon in Scorpio 2017


“This aspect is helping us break free of limiting beliefs about what’s possible. Now that Mercury is direct and the Full Moon is culminating, use this extra boost of confidence to step up and face your fears and hesitations head on. Embrace any new paths that have opened up for you and step into the unknown.”


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