Neil Kramer : The Deep Bosom Of Divinity

“The people — we see them walking the streets. In the bank, post office, cafe, in the sun and rain, sitting, sleeping, working, playing, eating. There they are. People doing things. Choosing to be quite heedless of purpose or nature, emphatically disconnecting themselves; sleepwalking…

‘A savage race that hoard and sleep and feed and know not me.’

There’s no condescension here, no conceit. This is not what we’re doing here at all. No belly-aching. No superiority. We are plainly observing the colossal mass of humans who do not engage with the deeper truths of life.

They are content with the outer shell. The exterior. Appearances only. People who demonstrate no natural impulse to explore the authentic nature of things; neither things inside themselves nor in what is around them, in the living world. They resolve in themselves NOT to move upon the deep rivers of wisdom…

They might be 30 or 50 or 80 years of age and appear all grown up, and they have families and cars and houses and insurance, wear suits and ties, have dresses, handbags. But when you get close, when you really look at what is present, they are babies — immature, fragile, susceptible, unripe, easily frightened, no impulse for deep things. Babies follow strong voices. Good or bad. They follow trends. They watch, read, listen, eat what they are told.

They are babies. Remember that. It makes life more understandable.” ~Neil Kramer

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