Paladin : An Open Letter to the Elders

“The only thing standing between the truth and the cabal is the paid off, owned, whore media. Destroy the protective propaganda force field around them and the ground troops will handle the rest. They’ll be defenseless in their quest to continue the manipulation of the masses and the main reason they’re able to accomplish this is because they control the information flow and its nothing but lies and cover-ups. You really don’t think they pay their liars in the mainstream media multi millions per year just to give us the news do you?

If you reveal the truth, the people will respond and they will do it swiftly. Release the technology and you start the process of evolution again as the prison planet the cabal maintains separates each of us from our true purpose of being on this planet and that is to evolve our higher self. After thousands of years of existence, if not more, we’re still trying to just survive….rather than pursuing the loving spirituality that resonates within us all and should be the objective of every civilization.

Along with releasing the technology, release the KNOWLEDGE too. The knowledge sequestered in the bowels of the Vatican, the knowledge of our universe and the knowledge accumulated throughout time. This includes our off world friends, visitors and enemies.”

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