Full Moon Eclipse – March 2016


March really is a powerful month of growth and transformation and it is likely you will start to notice a shift and changing direction in your life following this Lunar Eclipse.

Lunar Eclipses are really like super charged Full Moons. They help to bring us clarity, direction and the ability to “harvest” all that we have been working on. They can also bring endings, but these endings are often beneficial to our spiritual growth and development.

This Full Moon Eclipse falls in the sign of Libra, which is all about balance, compromise and harmony. Symbolically, Libra is the keeper of the scales and ensures that we are not only looking after our own needs but also the needs of others… Libra ultimately rules the relationships that you have with yourself, others and the world.

This means that whatever challenges come up for you during this Eclipse are really going to be helping you to get in touch with your inner and outer world. This will help you to better know your path forward, and to know whether you want to keep heading in the same direction or change course.

The Solar Eclipse earlier this month on the 8th helped to birth the way for something new. Now, this Lunar Eclipse is helping us to determine what we want this new chapter to look like.

Are we happy with the relationships that we have cultivated? Are we happy with the relationship that we have with the world? Are we happy with the relationship that we have with ourselves? …

Lunar Eclipses are not as scary or as foreboding as some people make them out to be, really they are amazing points of transformation and assistance from the Universe. In many ways, Eclipses help us to know the right path and help us to know the way forward.”

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