Neil Kramer : Spiritual Warfare

“Empire uses immigration to kill culture, to kill history, to kill nationhood, and the mass movement of human bodies destabilizes infrastructure and causes terrible economical and cultural chaos by design.” ~Neil Kramer (on Veritas Radio)

Some of the topics discussed:

*The Last Days of Empire

*Confidence Tricks

*Truth & Authority

*Relativism & Pluralism

*Spiritual Integrity


Neil Kramer : Shadow Mapping and The True Spiritual Path

Shadow mapping is the appreciation that truth brings pain… Frame difficulty as initiation, not misfortune.  Difficulty is soul wisdom set before you on purpose…
~Neil Kramer

Alexis Brooks writes: “Neil joins Higher Journeys Radio once again for part two of a completely riveting and soul stirring discussion about mapping the shadow, growing into a fully conscious human and understanding the painstaking work that comes before any meaningful benefit can honestly be realized.

There are many today who yearn to walk a spiritual path, and others who insist they are already on their way. But in that journey, where does pain and trauma come into play? According to Neil Kramer, without addressing the trauma, there can be no true spiritual work.

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Neil Kramer : Spiritual Sovereignty in a Mad World

“The way to disinfect one’s self from Empire is to stop feeling that you have to choose from their menu of life options.” ~Neil Kramer

Alexis Brooks writes:  “The forces that craft and peddle control on this planet, though in existence for perhaps millennia, appear to be immutable – too powerful to sink or fail. But for some individuals on this planet, in what spiritual philosopher and teacher Neil Kramer calls “Empire” – the rules and rulers of this Global game just don’t exist.

Neil joined Higher Journeys to discuss his thoughts on what it takes to walk a sovereign path, even amid this mad world of containment and control. And in his signature blend of eloquence and honesty, his message is simple but profound.

In this episode we discuss the origins of societal containment, the acquiescence of the masses to Empire, the rise of Imperial socialism, the importance of finding equilibrium in life, the soul-less collective, education as a conduit for corruption, why we must design our own individualized menu for living, and the importance of being ready and willing to “engage with the mystery of life.”’

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Neil Kramer : Cult of Untruth

“The person who drinks deeply from the poisoned wells of CNN and BBC, The New York Times, The Guardian, Radio 4, NPR, Hollywood, mainstream education, politics and all that – the person who imbibes this contamination and believes it, that person, over time, becomes psychotic. Distorted view of reality. Psychotic. And they think that Rachel Maddow and Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon and Michael Moore and Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton and bloody Nancy Pelosi and Mitt Romney and Bill O’Reilly and John McCain, they believe that people like that are telling them things that are true and relevant and important… Those characters, those people, have no idea what is happening in the world, those celebrities, not at all; they are profoundly and irreversibly deranged. They cannot discern the difference between the anti-human delusions that fill their dream bubble and the actual reality of the outside world…

The situation we have is very dramatic at the moment… We now have a world that is packed to the rafters with psychotic, delusional, unhinged people; men and women, young and old, blue and red, left and right, goodhearted and wronghearted, it makes no difference, people who have joined a Cult of Untruth. And nothing you or I can say to them will ever deter them from their blind faith in the untruthful proclamations of their priests… those celebrities. So, we have billions of Cult of Untruth believers who are dangerously delusional…

The rate of social disintegration is so rapid now, so profound, it’s hard to keep up with, especially when you look at the vile education system and TV and movies and news and all the terrible nonsense about gender and race and grassroots resistance… very pathetic, very devoid of wisdom.

However, there is a silver lining to this rather gargantuan gray cloud. The mass psychosis that we see and the supremely plain and evident presence of empire now is so crystal clear, so palpable, that only the most unconscious and obstinate person would ever choose to live in these dream bubbles that empire manufactures… only the very stupidest person would ever do that… The unconscious sleeping human is now very easy to identify.” ~Neil Kramer

Kramer on Grimerica

“Neil Kramer talks to Darren and Graham, hosts of Grimerica radio show.

‘Neil Kramer joins us for a fascinating chat about the mainstream control system, aspiring to be better people, the divinity of learning, and the spiritual path. We also chat about polarization, those who don’t really want to know the truth, wise elders who teach us discernment, home schooling, media corruption, and “the gathering” in upstate New York Sep 8-10, 2017 a place to meet conscious people, laugh and learn.’

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“Your personal fulfillment is your sacred work…

Your gift, your job, is to fulfill yourself personally… to fulfill yourself intellectually, emotionally, sexually, psychologically, nutritionally, artistically. When you fulfill yourself on all levels of being, that is your sacred work because the path to that fulfillment will require a deep spiritual journey…

Your personal fulfillment is your sacred work, at the highest level. That is your path.”
~Neil Kramer

Neil Kramer : Decoding Imperial Control Words – Veritas Radio

“1. Decode imperial control words. Has our language been manipulated to cause control? Every word carries energy and energy can be transmuted into action. Could it be that the present vernacular is to enslave us via language?

2. The sacred nature of race, gender & sexuality. We are told that we are equal even though differences prevail in nature. Why do we keep focusing on race? As many wise have pondered, perhaps to eradicate racism we should stop using labels. For millennia, tribes coexisted in harmony with other tribes without being pushed to merge. Why are the powers that want to be so interested in eradicating sovereignty, individual cultures, and the will of the people to preserve their own identity? What is behind all of this.

3. Deconstructing new age and parapolitical paradigms. Is new age a new religion. What is really behind this movement. Are its followers willing or unwilling participants because the practices seem benign, foreign, and even exotic? What are the current political paradigms.

All and much more with Neil Kramer.”

Neil Kramer : Mysticism, Individualism & the Decline of Empire

“Your outside world is a reflection of your inside world. If your life situation is ugly and drama-ridden, there is work to be done. It’s not a disaster; it’s a pointer, a respectful message from your own soul…

So, what is our outside world like? Is it fulfilling, is it beautiful, is it good? Or is it crisis and despair? Why is it like that? Is it just bad luck? …The universe uses that stuff to reflect back to you the state of your mind.

Why do bad things happen to good people? …Because they weren’t paying attention to the big picture. You can be nice, but if you’re not paying attention to the big picture, life will kick you in the teeth.  Mysticism minimizes the chances of that because it helps you sort of develop an instinctive vigilance for the deeper themes of life – our growth, the true nature of things, unraveling mysteries.” ~Neil Kramer