“This month you can turn things around in your life putting yourself on a different trajectory more aligned with your personal truth. What have you always wanted to do? If you had the means, the time, the energy, and did not have to consider others, what would you change? And is this dream current or is it something from the past that you never had a chance to experience? Part of the reality check is to acknowledge what is of the past and release it to the past including old intentions and dreams that you may still be attached to. And, there may be some dreams that can be brought into present time and modified to who and where you are right now and what is possible for you given your present circumstances. What was the motivation behind that original dream? And is it still important to you? If so, how can you refine and modify it to better align with who you are today? …

This could be your turning point, a new sense of personal power and ability to create and manifest from within.

You have the opportunity this month to finally commit to something you have wanted to do for a while, maybe your whole life. It is a good month to turn “I should” into “I will”, “I can’t” into “I can and I will”, and “If only” into “What if?”. The reality check is to make sure what you are intending is really what you want, and the turning point is the 100% belief in yourself and your creativity to magically manifest with the support and trust in spirit.”

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