“This is a great month for pushing the envelope and dreaming something different, imagining something more, taking a calculated risk, trusting new collaborations and being inspired by what could be instead of disillusioned by what has not manifested.

It is very important, especially during these potent times of new and full moons, eclipse and solstice, to completely let go of any past attachments, regrets or blame, and to make yourself available for a new adventure. This is also where the hard work comes in. Focus, discipline and perseverance is rewarded with positive results and recognition.  This is also the area where you can turn challenges into opportunities through creative thinking and problem solving.  If something is important, don’t give up or give in to failure, instead, fully lean into the opportunity and see where it takes you.

If something is not important and there is no energy in it for you, best to give it up and not hang on. The new moon and eclipse energy could bring about unexpected change, reversals in direction, and sudden plans either being made or discarded. Instead of being disappointed, be flexible and curious about the new possibilities. And remember to move into the experience instead of away from it.”

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