“[W]e are being challenged to question, reflect, release, choose and commit to personal authenticity and the path of essence. This challenge invites us to choose and choose well. The choices require leaving behind old outdated beliefs, conditioning, suffering, addictions and other limiting behaviors. This is it. It’s time to choose. Who are you? Who are you not?

Sometimes it is easier to react to who you are not rather than searching for who you are. We have been imprinted and conditioned by a set of collective patterns that have greatly influenced our identities. The recent disruption in routines and behaviors has given us a chance to re-examine what is important to us, what we resonate with and what we no longer wish to blindly put up with. With the coming transition and change in vibration on the planet (identified by the Toltecs as the shift from the 5th sun to the 6th sun), we have the opportunity to reset ourselves by choosing wisely to follow our hearts, to be guided by essence, and to live our lives in greater balance, harmony and authentic self-expression.

Choices this month should be committed ones followed by strong discipline and good boundaries and protection…

This month is about choosing your path. Will you choose a path that includes suffering and bad habits? Or will you choose the path of spirit always moving towards the vibration of love, hope and beauty? There is no redemption in suffering. It is time to look through the veil of illusion and reach through it to the other side and into a new landscape of endless possibilities…

The best way to describe this time frame is one of “massive growth.” Sometimes when spirit pushes you in a direction just beyond your comfort level, or a huge clearing or deep insight occurs, people can experience a healing crisis or a massive “growth period.” This is uncomfortable but the only good choice is to move forward as a growth period is always followed by a download of more wisdom, vitality, power and clarity.

Stay out of fear… There is no growth in holding on and holding back.”

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