“Very few of us are comfortable with transition as it indicates leaving behind what is known to us, even if that known place is no longer what we want, and moving into an unknown landscape, even though that landscape holds all of our current intentions and desires.

Transitions tend to cause stress and stress tends to cause the worst of our personalities to come out. Personal obstacles will be triggered as well as tendencies to judgment, blame, irritation, restlessness, and all manner of negative reactions. It is wise to watch your words and keep them from being harsh towards others. It is also wise this month to stay present and to take responsibility for your own reactions to situations and triggers so you can keep from projecting and taking your discomfort out on others. More than any other time, it is best to make kindness a daily practice and focus…

[T]his is an incredibly dynamic month where great strides can be made in all areas of life including your own abundance, movement of work and projects, rebuilding or beginning new relationships, greatly improving your health, having more discipline for spiritual and physical practices, and becoming really clear about your values and what is important. As uncomfortable as you may often feel this month, treat the journey as a pilgrimage towards more power in your life and stay as neutral as possible around challenges and obstacles that may come your way.

Behind every challenge is an opportunity and the opportunities this month will be big and unexpected. You may miss them if you are too wound up and focused on being irritated and judgmental. For there to be movement, change, and opportunity, there has to be an unsettling of the old structures and attachments. This always creates a bit of chaos before a sense of clarity reorganizes the movement in the right direction…

This is also an important month for completions and tying up loose ends especially around relationships and any shame, regrets, disappointment or wounding from the past. It is truly a time to finally let go and not waste this opportunity for deep releasing and healing. What are you still attached to? What is still attached to you?  What feels unresolved in your life? It is time to clean up your energy field so you have the freedom to out-picture something different…

The big work this month for all of us is to stay in our hearts, practice kindness, be responsible for our reactions, and to seize the dynamic energy in a positive and productive way as a means to more beauty, abundance and positivity for our future. If you are on the right track, great things are possible this month.”

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