“March is about taking the lessons and challenges of the past few months; the hard truths, the painful growth, the inspiring change, the sudden opportunities, and putting some creative energy behind choices, new beginnings, resolutions and intentions. We are moving from the pull of the past into the push of the future. If we do this wisely and consciously, this month can truly be a turning point and feel like the beginning of a new cycle and a new year…

There is the potential for more clarity, more understanding, more patience and more courage as we begin to trust our intuition and to take more responsibility for our attitudes and our power to manifest what we want. The more we have released and forgiven, the more space we have created this month for new gifts to manifest.

We have dredged up deep emotional debris that is still being processed. We have been given numerous opportunities to reflect on the past and to set new intentions for the future. We have been forced to change and shift our perspectives, our routines and habits and to let go of expectations we were attached to…

The best way to approach this month is to drop any resistance you may have to emotional vulnerability, to a challenging truth about a situation, to a creative idea that won’t leave you alone, to what your wise inner wisdom and intuition is telling you and to any opportunity for positive change that manifests in your field…

In order to take advantage of the creative momentum, you need to be prepared by creating balance in your life. This includes continuing to release and discard the unimportant energy leaks, clutter and nonessential things on your plate. It also includes being disciplined about staying in your heart, in your own lane, giving your emotions some space, telling the truth to yourself and practicing balance, presence and self-awareness. If it does not feel good, change it. It is always best to be proactive, go for your choices, direct your own change and become your own master.”

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