“This month we experience a friction caused by opposing energies and influences that can easily have us stuck in the middle. On the one hand, there are forces that tempt us to cling to the past and the false security of the old structures that are now coming apart at the seams. On the other hand, we feel the spark of change and progress driving us forward with rapid ignition, some restlessness, and a little confusion…

The friction caused by the two opposing forces of Push and Pull creates an energy that can be harnessed for motivation and inspiration. Instead of finding yourself frozen in fear and uncertainty, use this dynamism to ignite your own creativity, wonder and curiosity. If you find yourself in resistance, anger, blame, regret, or any kind of judgment, move yourself in any way you can into a place of gratitude about something in your life. This will help you get to that neutral place of being present from where you can then contemplate your positive options…

Nothing happens without a reason and the more stubborn you are about clinging to an idea of how things should be, the harder you will fall when just the opposite happens. It is an exciting month of change that won’t be easy for some. If shit happens, accept it with humor and face it proactively to ask what the lessons are to be learned.

We will be getting a lot of lessons this month around patience, right timing, authentic motivation and right purpose. Remember to put the heart first as the guiding motivator… Use your emotional intuition to follow your heart in contemplating your options and making your choices as you move forward…

You will have plenty of opportunities this month to experience highs and lows of emotion, thought and energy.  Stay out of judgment, stay present, be proactive, release the past, embrace change.”

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