It is definitely time to stop whining and complaining and to start taking responsibility for the future and the reality we wish to create. There is great pressure on the collective to do whatever it takes to prepare for where we are going. This pressure is magnified by the 2 eclipses (Nov 30 and Dec 14) and may be experienced individually as a great need for change and a desire to connect more deeply or to reconnect to your spiritual life.

It is an exciting and terrifying time as we face a truly unknown future, a blank canvas prepared and ready for us all to paint the first stroke, to weave the first thread. We are being pulled into a higher octave whether we like it or not and whether it is comfortable or not. Similar to how the matrix of a butterfly destroys the caterpillar in order to transform itself to the butterfly form, we are going through a transformation that demands the deconstruction of the old. This transformation can be excruciating as we process the loss of familiar forms, structures, relationships, attachments, habits and practices.

This is the rubble stage of any remodel or improvement. You must tear down the old before you can build something new in its place…

Any fear, doubt, mistrust, anger, irritation, judgment or blame will hinder this important process of evolution. Creativity, optimism, inspiration, cooperation, enthusiasm, strong spiritual practice and personal responsibility will greatly enhance and support you through these times. We cannot stress enough the power of good intention especially in the time between the 2 eclipses as well as over the solstice on December 21.

It is also important to pay attention to delusion and projection. Reality needs to be fluid and untethered to some degree for change to happen. However, if you get stuck in delusion and at the negative effect of projection, you will quickly go into a fog of uncertainty, fear and confusion. So, strike a good balance between dreaming creatively and without boundaries, and good disciplined practices to keep you grounded, stable and practical

We have been given a great opportunity to reinvent and reweave how we live on this planet; what we do for our livelihood, where we need to change, how we manage our energy, and what is important to us. Let us not waste this time being in fear or worry, or being attached to “things going back to the way they were” (pre -COVID). Weaving a new future will be done from within, from your inner desires, inner truth and knowing.”

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