Tom Montalk : Thoughts on Post-Election Situation

[Assuming Donald Trump wins.]

“[T]here’s going to be accelerating exposure of the corruption at high levels and among RINO’s (Romney, Bush) and Dems (Pelosi, Kerry, Obama, Clinton, Biden). Media won’t be able to cover it up forever, and eventually will be demolished as complicit. Same for Big Tech.

And that mass exposure is going to unite a big chunk of the population and turn it against the “Resistance,” which will at some point be mass exposed as a CCP [Chinese Communist Party] / Soros / Marxist operation. Therefore, there’s going to be an awakening + healing phase going on, as soon as late November.

The biggest threat isn’t so much an uprising and collapse of society brought on by anti-Trump violence, but CCP/Gates/Soros forces releasing a new bio-engineered pathogen this winter, whose goal would be to wreck the global economy. So that’s the wild card.

A lot of what’s happening right now is the MSM faking the illusion of a mass anti-Trump movement and civil war at any moment. They will continue this so long as they have credibility among enough people. The numbers are smaller than they want us to believe, though. It looks like the country is 50/50 divided but it’s more like 70/30 and half of the latter will be forced awake once exposure takes over the airwaves.

Truth is the only way out of this… [T]here’s a big cleanup operation coming…

[F]rom Weiner and Biden hard drives to Hillary’s private servers to Epstein’s collection of blackmail tapes of prominent people, and the surveillance and mapping of BLM, Antifa, and other organizations back to their funding sources in the Middle East, China, and various billionaires…” ~Tom Montalk

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