“Several opportunities will present themselves this month for some cathartic release of old patterns, attachments, past wounds, disappointments, emotional debris, regrets, and old dreams and expectations. This will trigger a necessary realignment in these areas that will support essential preparation for the times to come. This is a fascinating month where being a little eccentric and thinking outside the box with creative problem solving and expanded ideas will yield positive movement in the right direction.

Wherever you are stuck and whatever you have been holding on to, or not able to let go of, will surely come loose, like a label on a jar where one corner is still stubbornly sticky as you try and remove it. Until the whole label is off, you cannot relabel the jar. In this example, think of releasing a whole identity of the past so you can begin to rename and reconfigure a new one that is better aligned…

This month is a potent time of preparation, mostly internal preparation, for huge changes ahead. We have no idea from where we sit now how these changes will manifest but we do need to be ready. Preparedness is discarding the old so you have some room to welcome in the new. Think outside the box and be expansive in your “what ifs” to give the universe something to consider. Allow your heart, intuition, and important priorities to guide you in right realignment. This process may bring sudden changes in work, relationship, place, attitude, expression, or beliefs. If it does, that is a good thing…

There is an aspect of isolation and separation this month (not helped by COVID) that creates a need to reach out to others in any way you can. We all want to feel like we are a part of something harmonious, exciting and productive. We want to exchange with others on the same page. We are tired of our isolation and feeling stuck. We want to move on. And we will, step by step. Make sure you are not using your irritation and resentment to simply complain and distract yourself from the internal work that is necessary. Be responsible, be mature, and use this time wisely.”

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