“This month includes a continuation of intense emotional ups and downs, disappointments, irritations, anger, disbelief, unexpected challenges, loss, roadblocks and reactions, poor communication, deep grief, confusion, outrage and despair. Any one of these is enough to take us down and immobilize us from taking proactive steps forward towards something positive and constructive. Any one of these can tempt us to give up and give in to being the ultimate victims of the times, our lives and everything that seems to be in the way of our joy, happiness, clarity, progress and satisfaction. The theme is “Keep Going, No Matter What” because that is exactly what we all need to do…

This month has some very big opportunities for a final clean out of old emotional debris, as well as an intense reboot and reset of priorities and intentions. Challenges can surface overnight and the more flexible and accepting you can remain, the faster the solutions will appear. You could even be totally amazed at the rapid fluctuations from one to the other. There is a fine line between terror and excitement. The idea is to keep moving forward towards excitement at the possibilities instead of getting stuck in the terror of negative possibilities…

If we can “keep going, no matter what”, we will be that much stronger in our own truth and resolution, courage and conviction. We will be able to hold our ground, speak up for our rights, whether at work, home or socially, and be more confident in who we are, what we want, and what we will and won’t do.

Part of “keep going” includes keep praying, keep doing your practices, keep tracking your goals, keep kindness in your heart, keep encouraging yourself and others, keep your frequency as high as possible, keep moving forward in your tasks and projects, and keep positive no matter what, without being naïve or in denial. The opportunity this month is to break through emotional and energetic barriers of karmic shame and pain, freeing us to be more of who we are and who we were meant to be on this planet.”

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