George Floyd Riots Infiltrated by Extremist Groups and Agents Provocateurs

As protests spread across 30 cities, it is obvious that shady yet heavily organized groups have traveled to strategic places to incite violence. A classic role of agents provocateur is to justify police-state measures such as curfews, lockdowns, and the deployment of the military.

But there is more to this. While the Left blames the extreme-right and the Right blames the extreme-left, one important fact remains: Both “extremes” ultimately work for the same elite. They are both used to sow hate and division in the country while destroying it from within. They want a race war, they want class war and they want political war. They want anything that weakens the United States in order to put it under the control of outside globalist forces.

A telling clue that this is all sanctioned by the elite: Mass media’s implicit approval of the organized riots. What happened to the shaming of people for not respecting social distancing? For weeks, mass media blasted people who peacefully protested for the right to go back to work because of COVID. Now that out-of-towners show up in black communities to destroy their local businesses, mass media is nearly praising them. The difference? The rioters are doing the elite’s bidding.”

“Shadow and Light Source Both”

“…Don’t try to put out fire by throwing on more fire. Don’t wash a wound with blood.

No matter how fast you run, your shadow keeps up. Sometimes it’s in front. Only full overhead sun diminishes your shadow. But that shadow has been serving you.

What hurts you, blesses you. Darkness is your candle. Your boundaries are your quest…

You must have shadow and light source both. Listen, and lay your head under the tree of awe…” ~Rumi

FULL MOON in Scorpio – May 7th 2020

“We need to trust that all our troubles, our pain, our issues have been there to teach us how to meet this moment and transcend our fears. The future awaits us…

Full Moon energies bring what’s been hidden from our ego consciousness to light. As we re-engage in the world, this Scorpio Full Moon might reflect back to us what we really yearn for – those things in life that bring us peace and joy and satisfaction… While this watery Full Moon brings up issues of letting go of what no longer serves life, it also has a powerful hit from Neptune in Pisces, opening us to compassion, not only for all people suffering during this pandemic, but also for ourselves…

Neptune also gives us the tool of the creative imagination to help us through this death and rebirth of our culture. As we release the emotional wounds that keep us repeating our insanity, we need to fill those spaces with possibilities…

Living in our active imaginations can change our habits quicker than anything else… [W]e have the ability to see and communicate what is broken in our society as well as what expectations we need to let go of in trying to return to ‘normal.’ Instead, we can be looking for opportunities to bring something into play that people need. Something many of us have spent our lifetimes discovering and learning.

Now is the time for us to lead the way into a better future… This is the Wesak Full Moon, when the Buddha attained Nirvana – when he saw the truth of the world. With this Buddha Moon, it is a time of realization, when even the most unconscious of us had to look at ourselves and our behavior.

Who are we now? Who will we be when we go back out – emerge – and what will we see? We’ve all been on retreat for 40 days/40 nights. The question is, what have we discovered?


“This is a month that supports internal self-observation and reflection offering deep insights into who you are and what you are doing in your life. It is a time of preparation for breakthroughs and the potential for more dramatic change coming in the next few months. If you use this time wisely, you can align yourself with your own authentic self that is based on your own current truth rather than old patterns and outdated belief systems…

The self-observation and reflection includes both the emotional system as well as insights of the higher mind. It is very important to keep the rational mind out of this process as the rational mind tends to overthink everything and bases its conclusions on past experiences only and does not consider new insights or your emotional intuition and awareness. The higher mind is engaged this month and should be given the freedom to bring new awareness into your psyche and reflection of who you are…

Freedom is just on the other side of this time of reflection. As difficult as it may be to disengage from attachments and co-dependencies, the freedom to become more authentic in your life is worth the sacrifice. So, pay attention and be present. Pay attention to what is being reflected back to you by others. Pay attention to what you are reflecting back to others. Pay attention to your insights, intuition and curiosity. Use that curiosity to question everything in your life. And be inspired by the answers.

It is not time yet to for drastic change to manifest but rather to prepare and make plans and set intentions based on insights, reflection and truth. Patience is a quality to be nurtured this month with the understanding that there is plenty of time ahead and timing is everything. Through this pandemic, change in routine, and self-isolation, we have been given the gift of healing our relationship with time and any urgency you feel should be channeled into your own self-reflection rather than action. That will come in good time.”