“Where can you practice more discernment?

What you read or listen to in the news. Practice neutrality when possible and balance negative triggers with news that is inspiring. Focus on the inspiration rather than the negative.

Whom you spend your time with. Some relationships are necessary even though they may be difficult.  Minimize your time with them to what is necessary and practice compassion rather than resistance. Cultivate and put energy into the ones that feed you.

What you do in your free time. Decrease screen time and increase the time out in nature. Be creative.

What you eat or put into your body. This needs no explanation.

Your thoughts. Discipline where your mind goes and practice gratitude whenever possible.

Your feelings. Let go of the past, let go of the past, let go of the past. Allow yourself to be loved and supported by you and others with your best interests in mind.

Your actions and motivations. Reflect a bit before you act. Are you acting, moving towards something from your truth? Or are you reacting?

Your self-care. What is enough? Too much? Where are you obsessive?

Your fears. Do whatever you can to turn your fears into proactive discipline and action. Fear is a frequency that can spread collectively and is not useful in solving anything. Practice discernment so you are not connected to, or affected by the fears of others…

On a personal level, this is a month of reflection, choices, and truth. If you don’t practice good discernment, you will definitely notice your life getting out of whack. This could lead to depression, anxiety, and confusion…

Think of this month as a preparation. Consider all of your resources, inner and outer, and how you are using them. What talents are you not sharing, where are you overspending in physical energy output and resources, where is your mental and emotional wisdom going, where are you still addicted to your own suffering, where are you present or not present as you show up in daily life? These are all contemplations that will bring you the clarity you need to make the right choices, some of them challenging, but necessary in the long run.”

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