“Following on the heels of October’s theme of “Rewriting the Story,” “Proactive Change” supports the action step important for any intention, desire, or dream… If you don’t feel quite done with “rewriting your story” it is because you are still in process with it and this is the next chapter.

It is indeed a time to stop complaining… and get a bit ruthless about what you intend to change. This is not a passive time…

One of the enemies of proactive change is procrastination… The more you procrastinate the more vulnerable you are to the passive state that allows for a less than desirable outcome. So, if you are procrastinating a task, a communication or a decision, don’t wait. Do it now or release it for good…

If you find yourself ambivalent and not able to choose or make a decision, it is best to simply leave it alone until there is clarity, or to go ahead and make a choice without fear or regret. You can always change your choice…

This will continue to be a challenging time. Whining and complaining will not help. You can express your frustration, even anger. But those energies should quickly be turned towards action, not against a person, situation or event, but towards a personal goal. If you don’t have clarity about an intention or goal, take some action that will move the energy in a positive direction. We always have something that could use cleaning, reorganizing and upgrading.

Change always requires a time of chaos during the transition from an old situation to a new one. Think of a remodel or a physical move or a change of work or even a relationship. Chaos is necessary and should be welcomed as a sign that change is in process. If you resist chaos, you are resisting change. And if you resist change, you put yourself in a passive position where you have no power.

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