“This month we have the opportunity to shift the cycle of feeling victimized and imprisoned by our story and to put into action our dreams for a better future. This is not going to happen passively. This is an active time of releasing the old story, the attachment to suffering, blaming and complaining, and resetting the patterns to begin manifesting a new dream and living a new story. It seems simple when put into words. However, the attachment to the comfort zone, no matter how unsatisfying it is, can be an enormous challenge to overcome. We simply do not believe we have the power to rewrite our story. Our story is the product of a set of rules, some conscious and some unconscious. In order to rewrite our story, we need to change and rewrite our rules…

Changing your story is changing your relationship with your environment and changing your relationship with the past as well as the future. Changing your story requires discipline, action, commitment and the support of others. Although this will not happen overnight, you may definitely see results in areas that are ready to shift. The discipline will be to observe where and how you are attached to the old story, and to take determined action to change it from a place of neutrality, compassion and inspiration…

Successfully rewriting part of your story will have a ripple effect on those around you and collectively we can begin to influence the greater story on the planet as well. The more you can change your story to fit your dreams of a better future and a better life, the more it will affect the whole as we are all connected. This is your service, to yourself and the planet, and there is lots of support this month.”

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