New Moon in Virgo – 8.30.19

“This new moon supports focus, details, action, reorganizing, resetting and new intentions. We are moving into a time of more clarity and desire for action and manifestation. The energy will move if you put commitment behind your intentions. Take some time and revisit what you truly want out of life, reset your intentions if needed, and make some commitments to how you will proceed. You will be greatly supported provided you are not stuck in ambivalence, confusion or extreme caution that will hold you back from moving forward. This New Moon initiates a cycle of “all systems go.” Resistance to it may show up as exhaustion, apathy and withdrawal.

If you find yourself down in the dumps during this potentially invigorating time, do something physical to get the energy moving. This is not a time for mental overthinking, worry or anxiety. Instead it is a time to open up to your intuition and allow for support to come in whatever form it shows up. Instead of overthinking something, just do it.”

“We continue to dump all kinds of old ghosts and elements of pride that would hinder our hearts from its authentic self-expression, and are getting clear about our priorities and what we should and should not expect of ourselves and others…

This is the time to separate the less important from the more important as we continue to bury the past and prepare for a new way of using power in the future…

We have awakened to a new life, and have moved through a time of letting go while finding allies with whom we can do good ‘bridge building’ work which will help us ‘cross the chasm’ where we will find ‘a new quality of being rendering the old patterns obsolete.’

If some things have fallen apart, it’s only for the best.

As we externalize our recent self-discoveries in forms of practical discipleship, we will find greater happiness and a natural personality integration which could lead to experiences of Love, Joy, and Bliss.”

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