“Mount Rainier National Park”


Christian A. Schaffer





“The purpose behind taking inventory is to really see your life for what it is so you can make informed choices to change… This inventory includes your resources and support, your physical, emotional and mental health, your measure of satisfaction in life, the unrealized dreams as well as the realized dreams, past regrets, hopes and fears, your measure of self-worth, all of your relationships, your expression and creativity, your personal environment as well as all the extensions of yourself.

As you reflect on what is coming up, remember to take one step at a time and not to judge the big picture by what your experience is of the moment. Staying present is very important as is staying focused and disciplined in that focus…

Your biggest challenge this month will be not to get overwhelmed by the inventory falling onto your plate. It is much like discovering what you have squirreled away in the dark recesses of the storage areas of your closet, garage, psyche, heart and mind. Take a deep breath and find the humor.

This is not a higher centered month by any means but a time for getting down to the business of focusing on very personal issues without distraction… Patience, gratitude and an appreciation of mundane daily tasks and accomplishments will be your measure of success. Be disciplined against any world drama. Know what is going on but choose to take care of your own backyard…

You may not be able to see the big picture very clearly this month but know that it is there. Pay attention to details this month and if something negative comes up or if you get triggered, pay attention to what may need some focus, clearing or fine tuning. We are following through with what was restructured and recalibrated last month with a determined attention to details and a disciplined intention to truly change and evolve. If we get all our ducks in a row by telling the truth and doing the work, we will be beautifully set up to take advantage of some great healing energy coming our way in November.”