“The full moon at the end of May was a perfect set up for this month, supporting us to take stock of where we are, what we want, our true values, what needs to change, and how we may get there. So, this month provides us the opportunity to show up and follow through in action with the realizations, understandings and truths we now have about where we are, what we want, and what we need to do.

This month will have its ups and downs. We have spiritual and intuitive openings that provide a much-needed anchor to the world of positive possibilities…

Discipline will support you this month in many areas of your life. Be disciplined about your thoughts, what you say, your negative words and attitudes, and your judgments. Be disciplined around your spiritual practices and make a plan to be consistent… Be disciplined about cutting out just one unhealthy thing you tend to consume as well as disciplined about a daily habit that you know will serve you well. These disciplines will help set the container of confidence that you need to take action on the bigger issues in your life… With this determination, you will be giving the universe a message that you are serious about your follow through and this in itself will open doors to the support you need.

It is time to get proactive, disciplined and determined. It is time to “choose” how we act and do it with joy and confidence. It is time to take responsibility for following through with the intentions we said we wanted. It is time to stop whining about how nothing works out for you and make it happen…

This is a month for working on your personal relationship to self as a priority. Although there will be plenty of opportunity to explore new relationships, refine old ones and bring some inspiration into existing ones, the focus and discipline is really about what is going on inside of you… The discipline will be around boundaries, energy leaks, and building a strong enough relationship between yourself and your self-worth and support, that you can always trust your own truth and power of what you know is right.

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