Full Moon in Sagittarius


“It is a good time for reflection, commitment, maturity, honesty and a true honoring of self. Coming on the heels of an introspective, creative and inspired time, this full moon invites us to make a commitment to a new alignment of our values and the intentions that have come out of that alignment. Pace yourself with whatever energy you have and match your enthusiasm with the rhythm of what is showing up in your life… Align yourself to what is showing up and think of life as being effortless instead of a struggle.

These times have brought crises, sudden change, tragedy, shock, challenge and many opportunities for doing things differently, some still yet to be revealed. While holding a compassionate container for the difficulties you and others may be going through, it is also important to keep your eye on the bigger picture and to keep the energy moving forward. Whatever you can do to continue clearing the past and realigning the future is most helpful right now. And remember to trust your intuition. It is the best reality check you have.”


“What you believe in is on the line now, and this Full Moon is a chance for you to focus on the big picture. The risk here is that you’ll weave a story about your life that justifies your feels instead of exploring your feels in efforts to understand the true story.

It’s important that you listen to what others are telling you about themselves – not just in their words but also with their actions – and accept what you are shown, even if you’re compelled to try and change things. Acceptance is a foundational step. In order to properly address something, you must first understand it. This is the time to confront the truth and to mobilize from that place.

There is no one meant to save or heal you – seek inspiration and guidance instead of fixes, lovers. You are the one, and the time is now.”

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