How to Break Free from the ‘Mind Game’

“We, in the Western world, have been programmed to believe that we need constant guidance when it comes to our health, our financial affairs, our education, our communities, and our ability to choose in general. And most of us don’t even realize it, much less question it…

From vaccinations to drugs, from chemicals in the water to genetically modified foods, toxins are everywhere, and they have a great influence on our ability to stay of a clear mind and experience the inseparable mind-body-connection at its best. Everything from ingesting non-foods and breathing polluted air, to being injected and medicated while being fed fear-based information, will acidify us. And as a result, many have a calcified pineal gland — the little gland in our brain known as our “third eye”, which connects us with the higher realms; the gland that is a part of our very own internal government, the inner authority that always has our best interest at heart.

It is natural for us to be wondering and curious. Look at how children keep exploring new things; trying and failing, and learning and growing. We lose that eagerness and boldness not through reaching adulthood, but through toxicity and mind-games. And, for the purpose of healing, restoring our health and reaching our potential, we need to look at what is holding us locked in this position. It is our business to stop this pattern, and the sooner the better…

In this amazing life of yours, you are the conductor of this fantastic orchestra of cells and events. You are the one in charge of your thoughts and experiences, even when it does not feel like it. And choosing to live, to thrive and be healthy, is part of choosing your thoughts. It is letting go of everything that is not serving you, absolutely everything that is not serving you

To be a free-thinker, a self-aware and authentic human being, takes courage and strength. To free ourselves from the belief systems that we have embraced and adopted takes time and persistence. Luckily, through cleansing, rejuvenation and self love, bullshit does not stand a chance — only truth does.”


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