“This month will come with ups and downs, unexpected events and lots of opportunity for self-reflection, clarity and insights about your values and priorities leading to spontaneous decisions and choices in your life you never would have expected of yourself.

Instability of any kind is fertile ground for shifting the order of priorities within yourself as well as re-creating and re-configuring your dreams, intentions, relationships and boundaries.

The month may feel more unstable than it really is. Just remember that it is all driving us to where we need to be. So, take it all in stride and do not resist the energy of change whether it is your inspired idea or someone else initiating a change that affects you…

We start the month on the heels of a fairly intense Full Moon (on April 29) that opened a portal of self-reflection into what you value. You may have landed in a place of both a deep desire for change and some despair about how to get there. Setting the intention and then asking for help is the best place to start. Then be willing and open to receiving the insights and help that will keep you on the right track.

What should be clear is that you want your life to be meaningful. Is how you are living your life now meaningful? Or are you using up all your time managing relationships, situations and possessions that have less value than you have given them due to old patterns and imprinting? During this time of self-reflection stay on the positive side of trust and refrain from blaming self or others, or getting into a state of depressed self-criticism. Be inspired by the movement that is generated by the questioning and reflection without the need to know how it will all end up…

Prepare to get down and dirty and to focus on the details of what will support all this change you have been contemplating. This is the time when the rubber meets the road and you either do it or you don’t. You have had plenty of signs, insights, clarity and support to just do it. If you are feeling stuck, depressed, despairing or energetically debilitated, it is because you have not taken action towards aligning your values. You know what you need to do and you have everything you need to do it. So, do it…

[T]he best strategy for navigating this time frame is to be disciplined, practical and to set good boundaries around what you know to be true around your own value system.”

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