On the Edge: New Moon in Pisces 2018


“New Moon in Pisces invites us to take a deep breath and exhale everything that keeps us separate from our own connection to the dream time, the Wakan, the Great Mystery.  Here is the opening to take the deep dive into the Void – a deeper intelligence permeating all life.  Here we are called to surrender our burdens as we are held by the limitless ocean of consciousness.  We feel the compassion and acceptance of the Tao, and our own ability to forgive and accept ‘what is’ is strengthened so we may extend the same to others…

Intuition, imagination, and the opening into awareness are at an all time high…

Stay calm and grounded, keep busy and avoid the heat of anger; focus your restlessness and irritability into action, drive mindfully, reflect before you blurt, soothe your liver… Have courage to step out and declare yourself in ways you have only imagined to signal the universe you’re ready to assert yourself to express who you are.”


“Mars entering Capricorn soon after this New Moon changes the landscape quite a bit. We move from inward contemplation to a highly ambitious and challenging cycle which stimulates productivity, determination, and drive.

Mercury’s retrograde cycle occurs in square relationship to both Saturn and Mars, which suggests that the following few weeks may require a patient and careful reworking of strategies, goals, plans, objectives, and projects.

Use this New Moon as a dynamic starting point for learning to surrender and connect with your most critical priorities. As we enter this Mars/Saturn/Capricorn season clear through May, procrastination is no longer an option, and neither is carelessness in handling responsibilities.”


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