Step Up and Be Helpful – Full Moon in Virgo, 2018

“As the Moon blossoms in Virgo, consider what great service you have to offer the world. Consider that you deserve to feel useful and needed by the communities that you’re a part of — that you deserve to feel connected to something greater than your personal needs and desires. Look out into the world and consider who you might help and how you might overcome the ego’s petty need to “get it right” so that you can just show up and serve…

Whatever you ultimately choose as the vehicle for your service, Virgo’s ideal aim of perfection can help you hone your craft and improve it.”

Full Moon Update – 3.1.18

“Virgo helps us adapt to new circumstances whether they are new expansions or new limitations.  Virgo is the Queen of analyzing the current environment or resources, and bringing to bear her keen discrimination of what needs to be eliminated and streamlined to refine and bring order and efficiency into her office, home, schedule, wardrobe, life.

Virgo brings to our awareness the sacred balance of body/mind/spirit.  She, in her feminine earthiness, can inspire you to shift your health habits and your thinking about healing in a quantum way, refining and focusing your self-healing and self-renewal abilities…

Call on your Virgo Queen to bring all your disparate parts into working order, to reorganize your health and diet habits as well as your work, day-to-day routines, the clutter that keeps you from being efficient and orderly and on your game.  So what if Virgo is a bit overly fastidious, detailed and just can’t help setting the bar high, use it at this Moon to regroup and get organized.”

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