The War on Men

“There is something sinister taking place: a giant reeducation campaign aimed at turning boys and young men into total pussies.

Not only are we under chemical assault from plastic products and foods that lower testosterone, we’re mass unwitting participants in a huge social engineering experiment based around vilifying masculinity and demoralizing men, and the #MeToo Movement has been co-opted to serve that agenda.

What kind of warped scheme needs to dilute or destroy masculinity and traditional gender roles to succeed? One that seeks to completely annihilate the fundamental structure of western society so the annihilators can completely remake it in their own image.

This is about the pursuit of raw power. This is Marxism re-branded. Identity politics. The very ideology that belittles and denigrates men, particularly white men, is just a new form of an old Marxist trick; Divide and Conquer

These postmodernists are so pathological, so deranged, they have convinced themselves that fundamental biological science is a grand conspiracy invented by the patriarchy, and now they’re going to convince everyone else by law, by force, by silencing dissent, and by mass indoctrination. They are literally rebelling against reality. They’ve declared war on logic…

We need to reject the collectivist tyranny that because some men do evil things, all men need to bear the burden of evil.” ~Paul Joseph Watson

3 thoughts on “The War on Men

  1. Collective guilt is a hard sell these days.

    Yes, we must resist this assault on men for being masculine, for being men. Let’s resist and work against this program that seeks to psychologically emasculate males, and also works to make women more masculine. Men ought not feel ashamed or feel they should be apologetic for being naturally masculine. (Don’t cave into the demands of radical or gender feminism.)

    Truly feminine women are attracted to masculine men, and vice versa. Why? Because true femininity complements true masculinity. Deep down in their respective psyches, men and women know this and seek this completion and fulfillment.

    BTW, too many Christian churches here in the US have bought into some of this extremist feminist nonsense and have joined in the war against real men. This is a mark against these churches.

  2. Reblogged this on larrysmusings and commented:
    It must be Reblog Friday. This is a good post. Guys, do not apologize for being men, masculine men. After all, you were born that way. Seek and hang out with women who respect and value masculinity.

  3. There isn’t any mass conspiracy, I don’t believe, but it is just the result of what people have actually become. We have a much easier lifestyle than our forbearers, – more time for experimentation and dissipation. Drugs, too much alcohol, too much sex are all efeminizing affects on men, and masculinizing on women. Making a living by physical labor has a masculinizing effect on men, and there is much less of that today. It is the result of brainwashing to a degree, but also because men have actually become pansies.

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