“As we start the New Year, we are inspired to evaluate what works and what doesn’t, what we like and what we don’t like, what we have put up with that no longer serves, and what we have always desired but could not let ourselves have. This is the Evaluation part of the month. The Action piece is what we decide to do about it. Both are equally as important…

This is a year of Service, service of self as well as service to others and our planet. It is also a year of Action. Do it now. Clean it up. Get off your behind and finally have what you always wanted, and do all those things you have only been dreaming of. In order to take advantage of what wants to happen this month, you will need to be ruthless in your Evaluation and disciplined in your Action. Ruthless evaluation will clear the way for action and bring clarity to any confusion about what you really want to manifest.

Our lives have been burdened by the old paradigm of accumulation of unnecessary and unhealthy patterns, physical clutter, mental worry about things we cannot fix, and other obsessive and unproductive habits. This is a year of pragmatism inviting us to be more practical in all areas of life…

Simplicity, back to basics, learning to stay present, and an appreciation and gratitude for what you do have will be most helpful in navigating the coming year and getting clarity as you ruthlessly Evaluate your life.”

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