Neil Kramer : Cult of Untruth

“The person who drinks deeply from the poisoned wells of CNN and BBC, The New York Times, The Guardian, Radio 4, NPR, Hollywood, mainstream education, politics and all that – the person who imbibes this contamination and believes it, that person, over time, becomes psychotic. Distorted view of reality. Psychotic. And they think that Rachel Maddow and Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon and Michael Moore and Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton and bloody Nancy Pelosi and Mitt Romney and Bill O’Reilly and John McCain, they believe that people like that are telling them things that are true and relevant and important… Those characters, those people, have no idea what is happening in the world, those celebrities, not at all; they are profoundly and irreversibly deranged. They cannot discern the difference between the anti-human delusions that fill their dream bubble and the actual reality of the outside world…

The situation we have is very dramatic at the moment… We now have a world that is packed to the rafters with psychotic, delusional, unhinged people; men and women, young and old, blue and red, left and right, goodhearted and wronghearted, it makes no difference, people who have joined a Cult of Untruth. And nothing you or I can say to them will ever deter them from their blind faith in the untruthful proclamations of their priests… those celebrities. So, we have billions of Cult of Untruth believers who are dangerously delusional…

The rate of social disintegration is so rapid now, so profound, it’s hard to keep up with, especially when you look at the vile education system and TV and movies and news and all the terrible nonsense about gender and race and grassroots resistance… very pathetic, very devoid of wisdom.

However, there is a silver lining to this rather gargantuan gray cloud. The mass psychosis that we see and the supremely plain and evident presence of empire now is so crystal clear, so palpable, that only the most unconscious and obstinate person would ever choose to live in these dream bubbles that empire manufactures… only the very stupidest person would ever do that… The unconscious sleeping human is now very easy to identify.” ~Neil Kramer

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