SUPER MOON in Gemini – 2017

“Depending on which direction we choose to look, we can feel profound inspiration and hope or great frustration and disillusionment. Since both Saturn and Mercury are at the same degree as the Galactic Center, this alignment indicates an opportunity for a major reset. This is a time when we can take significant steps in releasing old patterns that have blocked our progress…

This Full Moon is also a Super Moon, which means it occurs when the Moon is at perigee, the point in its orbit when it is closest to the Earth. Given that a Full Moon is already associated with heightened emotions, we can expect that a perigee Full Moon will increase our sensitivity on many levels… [A]s our minds take a detour from their usual rational route, we are more open to higher-level insights and signs and synchronicities.”

“Imagine that we are looking at ourselves in a shattered mirror. We find shards as we move through life which give us a more complete reflection of who we are as we go along. Initially, in our early life, there is very little we know and see in ourselves, so those who care for us become the reflection we see in ourselves — and this is how we become conditioned to believe we are things we are not.

From that perspective, our journey of de-conditioning is actually one of finding pieces of the shattered mirror, of seeking and finding our true reflection. We find pieces of that mirror in everything we seek, attract and desire, even the less desirable aspects we find in ourselves and attract into our lives help to bring us toward seeing our inherent wholeness. Our relationships, the people we are attracted to, the work we do and all of our experiences are all little pieces of that mirror…

So today, as the Full Moon in Gemini shares its light with us… take a 360 degree view of your life’s reflection right now, and contemplate what you are seeking in that picture and how you can integrate what you are seeking for deeper levels of wholeness and being. Ask yourself: How can you love and honor yourself more deeply through your experiences? How can you be more understanding and compassionate of yourself, and create the life that makes your heart sing?

As you bring deeper levels of love and compassion into yourself, so too will you find deeper levels of love and compassion in everything around you — as within, so without. That is the nature of our ‘mirror’ reality.”

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