William Tompkins – ET Whistleblower


“William Tompkins is one of the most incredible whistleblowers to step forward. The depth and implications of his testimony are nothing short of astounding. Of course, there will always be those who refuse to believe his story, since he is an ET whistleblower.

Tompkins claims he was part of an operation involving US Navy spies who stole UFO plans and antigravity technological secrets from the Nazis during the height of World War 2. He asserts he personally distributed some of these stolen secrets as information packages to the CEOs of leading American corporations involved in the military and space industries. Furthermore, William Tompkins says he actually worked alongside ETs… Additionally, he reveals that the Nazis already had operational UFOs during the war, and because of the information that the US spies were able to obtain, the US later developed its own fleet of UFOs – which then got siphoned off into the black military sphere under the control of MJ 12, the ultra secretive group that came into existence in the 1940s to “manage” the UFO/alien issue…

Tompkins states that although there are many ET species interacting with humanity right now, including Dracos/Reptilians which influence some groups and Nordics which influence other groups, that Reptilians basically control every government in the world.

In his Project Camelot interview (part 1 and part 2), Tompkins warns that if he talks about Reptilians and their darkest activities, which include eating humans and performing blood sacrifices, then some people will think it is so crazy that they will automatically shut down and discredit everything else he has said.  Kerry Cassidy reiterates the philosophy of Project Camelot: that humans in general are not protecting themselves and are ignorant of the dangers of predatory ET species, and that therefore it is vital that those in the know go public with their knowledge and warn others – because not to do so equates to culpability…

William Tompkins likes to say throughout his interviews that, everything you’re told is a lie.  He claims that many of the systems and sciences we pursue, such as astronomy, medicine, etc., have been seeded with lies to trick us. This harks back to his claim that every government on Earth right now is under Reptilian control. Whether that turns out to be true or not remains to be seen, but certainly, so much deception has already been uncovered in so many areas of life that it is wisest to remain open to this possibility.

Tompkins’ tale reaffirms that the extraordinary story of humanity, and the depth of the worldwide conspiracy, cannot possibly be grasped without comprehending the reality of ET interference in our past and current ET influence and control over our affairs.”

4 thoughts on “William Tompkins – ET Whistleblower

  1. His remarks are history, but the content of his remarks may very well be fake history. This reads like Sci-Fi. This is the stuff we hear on shows like Coast to Coast AM, late at night.

  2. While, of course, we can never really know if the information whistleblowers, such as the late William Tompkins, share is true, much of the information Tompkins shared rings true to me, as well as to many reputable UFO/ET researchers. Science fiction is often times used as a form of “soft disclosure,” as a way to introduce concepts to the general public. Nuggets of truth can be found in many science fiction films; the Star Wars saga is an excellent example of this. And as for Coast to Coast AM — I enjoy listening to their shows. Does it require discernment while listening to them? Absolutely. But discernment is required when looking into any topic from any source. Larryzb, it seems we agree on many things I post, but we’ll have to agree to disagree on this one.

    • Alana:

      Not to knock Coast to Coast, as they do have many good guests on some important topics, and I listened to the show for years up until moving a while back and not being able to get it on the radio. But, it seemed the main themes that they kept revisiting over and over again were UFOs, alien abductions, ancient aliens, ghosts, and demons, and I guess Big Foot sightings. It was the other topics that interested me.

      We likely do agree on many things but surely disagree on others. My view of libertarianism is that of personal freedom which requires personal responsibility. I oppose the destructive and self-centered licentiousness that the liberals promote. I see the hypocrisy and the blind ignorance of many who are religious, yet I do believe in God and a moral code. We’ll just leave it at that. Best wishes, and keep on blogging.

  3. Larry, I appreciate your comments, even on the rare occasions when we disagree!

    I, for one, find the topics of UFOs, ETs, and the (alleged) interaction between ET races and world governments to be extraordinarily interesting. In 2006, I had a UFO encounter that changed my life and caused me to delve deeply into these topics. This experience woke me up; it made me question everything about “reality,” and it was then that I began my research into conspiracies, false flags, the shadow government, etc. However, for as fascinating as I find these topics, I realize that for many, the whole thing sounds absurd. I post about a wide range of topics, several of which are far on the fringe; therefore, I accept the fact that at times, my subscribers may disagree with what I share.

    I’ll continue to post things I find interesting, informative and relevant, and I hope that you will continue to comment on them – whether we agree, or not.

    Thanks, Larry!

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