3 Wild Herbs for Lucid Dreaming


“Do you remember what you dreamt about last night?  How about the night before? For thousands of years, we humans have placed a ton of value on the content of these bedtime reveries, deriving inner wisdom and even premonitions from them… They are one of behavioral science’s biggest mysteries, with no agreed-upon theory of their origin and specific purpose…

The quest for many is to achieve the lucid dream, or “knowing we’re dreaming” inside the dream. The lucid dreamers I know are able to navigate their dreamscape with an awakened mind… They can run, jump, and fly at will, gaining profound inner wisdom from the experience.

If you would like to dream more at night, and perhaps experience the magical lucid dream, there are three wild herbs that have been used throughout time to accomplish just that…

Wild Asparagus Root – Asparagus racemosus

Also known as “The Flying Herb,” it’s believed that wild asparagus root helps one fly through the universe at night, achieving magnificent dreams…

Valerian Root – Valeriana officinalis

[A]n herb that not only promotes deep states of sleep that are fertile ground for vivid dreams, but also boosts our ability to remember what happened the morning after…

Mugwort – Artemisia vulgaris

Known for its dream-enhancing effects, many report that it magnifies the brilliance of color and overall duration of their mid-slumber journeys… Mugwort grows just about everywhere… Is it sheer chance that this sacred herb that reportedly heightens consciousness is sprouting up all around us?”

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