“If you don’t take action, action is likely to take you. If you don’t just do what you have been dreaming, discussing, talking about, thinking about, procrastinating, theorizing, considering or just simply being afraid to act upon, spirit may just throw some action your way to rattle your cage, break apart your stagnation, and get the show on the road. Would it not be better for you to be in charge of this energy? And to focus it the way you want? …

There are two main energies we will be working with this month. The energy of taking action, “just do it,” and the energy of emotional clarity and striving for feeling “right” and good in your environment, in your relationships, with your work, your community and yourself. The two must learn to work together …

This is the month to get off our behinds and reboot our relationship with our action. Enough sitting around, thinking and talking about what we want to do. It is time to “Just Do It”!

It is a month to be energized by the opportunities and to act on your life without overthinking or over rationalizing the “why” or “how” of your actions. You don’t need to know everything for it to actually work. This is a lesson that maybe we will finally learn as we are called to take responsibility for how we show up in an active way.

We will all be feeling this energy in our solar plexus and it is important that it has an outlet. Without an active outlet, it will fester into anxiety, irritation, defensive behavior, stomach aches and digestive problems. If you are not sure what to “do,” just move your body in some way to get the energy going. Take a walk, run, dance, do yoga or an exercise class, change your scenery by going on an excursion, or anything that is active and includes movement…

Courage is a good thing to harness this month to help you push into the next level. You may feel like you are jumping off into the unknown but remember that if the opportunity has presented itself, it is for you to take.”


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