Integrity (What is Integrity & How to Build Integrity)

“Teal Swan’s video on Integrity explores Integrity and how to communicate with your own conscience to stay in alignment with your own morals and principles. Teal shows us examples of how to recognize incongruences in our own integrity and morality, which include recognizing lies, lying, and why people act the way they do in a crisis.”

“The standard definition [of integrity] is to adhere to moral or ethical standards which creates a soundness of character. Another definition is a state of being whole and undivided. Now really, these two definitions go hand in hand because if your’e living in perfect alignment with your own conscience, obviously, you are whole and undivided.” ~Teal Swan

Neil Kramer : Paradox

“From 2001 to 2009, I made many pilgrimages to the hallowed and ancient landscapes of Wiltshire, the county in South West England where the vast majority of global crop circles appear.  I learned much.  Some of my most epic experiences and moving revelations have emanated from the fields, woods, hilltops, and villages of Wiltshire…

I have walked in dozens of the largest and most intricate crop circles on record.  I have slept in them, meditated in them, held night vigils in them, had lunch in them, and done some other things that are best not talked about here.  I have analyzed their geometry, have measured ratios and circumferences, and have taken innumerable photographs.  I have learned to distinguish the authentic from the inauthentic, the terrestrial from the ultra-terrestrial… I have sat with the amateurs and the experts, the faithful and the scientific, absorbing all their theories and interpretations.  There has been lunacy and there has been brilliance… I have seen orbs of blue light zipping across the fields and watched glowing orange spheres hovering in the twilight sky.  I have been buzzed by military helicopters, met with ex-secret service agents, been photographed by zoom lenses poking through bushes, and had my hotel room gone over by clandestine figures. Quite an adventure…

The more circles I have experienced, the more I have come to know that only when all linear systems of thought are taken off-line and consciousness can flow freely through an untainted channel, does the primary teaching begin to unveil itself. Open-heartedness is more valuable in this respect than the intellect.  There is little to be gleaned by the mind that is fizzing with mental noise and egoic spasms.  The psychic tides must be allowed to naturally rise up and reform the inner landscape, submerging old reductionist concepts and sculpting new densities of graceful being.”
~Neil Kramer, The Unfoldment  

Serpent Fire Tarot

New Moon in Leo – Fire Rituals in the Void

“Today is a wonderful day for a fire ritual, to allow the Leo season to come in and fan the flames, and let go of the Cancer lessons… On one piece of paper we write what we want to let go, and we burn it. On another piece of paper, we write what we want to bring in for the upcoming season… and we bury it into the earth, planting the seed. This is a powerful ritual of intention setting, and it works.” ~Devany Wolfe

Engage Your Passion – New Moon in Leo

“Use this New Moon to greatly strengthen your boundaries and determination. This is a powerful launching pad for things you wish to set into motion. Step into this Moon confidently with valor. Use this moment wisely, as Mercury’s retrograde cycle begins August 12th, which will help us rework and re-strategize what we’re presently dealing with. This lunation can help you better align with your inner reservoir of strength, vitality, passion, and power. Direct this energy consciously toward things that best align with your authentic, spiritual path.”

New Moon Update 7-23-17

“A Leo New Moon brings us in contact with our full radiance that emanates from our hearts. We are feeling our individual, sovereign selves to the fullest.  We want to be seen and appreciated for our magnificence and our generosity.  Creativity, expression, leadership, courage and joy are the codes that unlock the heart of Leo.  With this regal, fixed-fire power sign ruling the heart and the spine, draw down the power of the Sun’s rays into your heart to strengthen your vitality and enthusiasm and illuminate your self at your best…

We have only recently (May, 2017) entered the eighteen-month period of the North Node being in Leo and the South Node in Aquarius.  A powerful new trajectory of growth (North Node) and release (South Node) is unfolding in the next month and will shape our 18 month journey of lessons coming from the Leo/Aquarius axis: asserting our individuality from the mainstream, releasing our masks covering the authentic heart-felt self, letting ourselves be used as vessels for our divine essence and our purpose in this lifetime, radiating our confidence and delight in our power to create a magnificent life, courageously standing up for the kingdom and community we want to live in, releasing our inner child to play, create, express, and becoming champions of love and awakening

Heads up! Mercury in Virgo turns retrograde in the middle of the eclipse window on August 12.  August appears to be THE major portal of shift and change for the year with Mercury, Saturn and Uranus all changing direction (that intensifies their energy and influences) plus two eclipses.  Our security-needing habitual selves will feel the impact of letting more love and energy into our lives, but it’s clear, we have been preparing for this growth for many months.”