“Sand Pirate”


Samantha Scott

(Burning Man, 2010)


Gypsy Soul


“A gypsy soul isn’t lost and looking.  A gypsy soul is one who loves movement and finding the pulse in nature and flight as a metaphor.  One who thinks everything is music.  One who knows and holds an inward and therefore outwardly contagious kind of freedom.” ~Victoria Erickson, Edge of Wonder

5 Issues to Unify Us in the Divide and Conquer Era of Trump


“Over the past few years, there has been an explosion in awareness like never seen before… Many people have abandoned the idea of partisan politics and the media which supports it. Thanks to the internet a people’s media emerged and started to clear the air of the lies and deceptions that the old media had been plagued with.

However, as this last election came to a close, the perspective shifted and took us a few paces backwards in many respects. Incidentally, the focus was placed on Trump rather than the issues which were being fought so hard throughout the Obama and Bush administrations. Once again, the debate has become about the integrity of those in power instead of actual real world issues that affect everyone.

Whatever you believe Trump’s motives are, it’s important that we don’t get so caught up in arguing over something we have no control over that progress made on real issues is lost. What the country needs right now is a massive healing, [we need] to learn how to set minor differences aside and work together to solve our problems, instead of looking to government to solve them for us.

Whether you’re left, right, something in between or nothing at all, you can always become more informed and act to make a difference in the world we live in. [Below is] a list of 5 problems which desperately need fixing and can be solved without government if enough people work together to achieve a solution.

1- Peak Oil Threatens Energy Security and Self Sufficiency…

2- Big Agriculture Seeks to Undermine Our Health and Food Sovereignty…

3- The Federal Reserve has Unlimited and Unchecked Power to Print Money…

4- Corrupt Politicians are Making it Illegal to Feed the Homeless, Demanding Dependency on Government and Outlawing Compassion…

5- Just SIX Companies Control 90% of What We See and Hear in the Media…

Clearly being engulfed in partisan politics is not getting us anywhere. We’re going to have to start listening to each other again and break the political molds in order the start caring about real issues again.”

New Moon in Cancer: What Speaks to Your Heart?


“With Cancer being one of the most fertile signs of the tropical zodiac and the Moon as ruler of this sign, this is a potent time for planting seeds of intention. Use this New Moon to get attuned to subconscious messages that may be arising. There’s probably been a lot of good ideas floating around, but focus your attention on those that really resonate with you on a gut level…

This is also a potent moment for magic, mystery, and deep intimacy. Just past the summer solstice, we’ve crossed a critical threshold in the Sun’s annual cycle. The summer solstice is a time to revel in our creativity and to enjoy the abundance that surrounds us. There is so much life and vitality at this time of the year, and with Mercury’s close proximity to this lunation, it can feel like there’s so much to do but you don’t quite know where to start.

The New Moon in Cancer says, “start with what truly speaks to your heart.” To hear what the heart is saying, you need to avoid distraction and overwhelming yourself with too much activity. Make it a point with this lunation to lay low and recharge your energy. When you do that, you’ll find it easier to make contact with your inner guidance.”



“Synchronicities, intuition and flow will be the language of this New Moon cycle…

The Grand Trine in Fire continues with Saturn in Sagittarius, Uranus in Aries and North Node in Leo – a huge boost in the skill development needed to realize the creation of our own reality.  We are being supported by Saturn – tested and coached to find those frequencies that inspire our creativity, eliminate self criticism, and uproot our old beliefs, while Uranus demands radically shifting our perspectives, rebellion against the status quo, learning to live on the shaky ground of change, and calling in our freedom to radiate our brilliance.  Aligned with the North Node in Leo, we learn to tame our egos and desire for control and the great cosmic finger points to our true path of growth…”