“It is a chaotic month requiring flexibility, adaptability, thinking outside the box, patience and resetting our priorities…

Old stable structures are loosening and breaking apart and new ones have not yet been solidified. It can be a very exciting and creative time if you don’t succumb to fear and stubbornness… Instability is highly creative because nothing is set or solidified and you can mold and inform what it is that you want to manifest in ways that you can’t when things are stable and well defined…

In these unstable times, we are learning to deal with Chaos. Chaos is feminine, creative, fertile, unpredictable, exciting and destructive.  Instead of holding on to what feels comfortable, known, rational and safe, seize the opportunity and work the instability and chaos to accelerate your own radical change…

This is the month of personal revolution. What needs to be revolutionized in your life? What kind of chaos can you be proactive with? What can you destabilize that feels stuck and needing change? What can you clean out, get rid of and upgrade? …

Something you may have been thinking about starting or changing but just haven’t gotten around to it or the timing was not right will all of a sudden be an option. Things can happen very fast in this kind of energy. Use the destructive side of chaos to dismantle a structure that no longer serves and make room for something new and creative. Enjoy the potential for spontaneity that instability brings…

This is a great month to restructure, expand or downsize, make changes, eliminate some things and add others, bring in some outside support, and shake things up. Anytime you have gotten too complacent about where things are in your work or business or partnerships, you have fallen asleep…

Pay attention, be present, seize opportunities, take risks, be confident… and enjoy the instability and chaos instead of resisting it. If you are let go or lose the structure of a job, have gratitude for the freedom. If you make a commitment or a change that destabilizes your life, step up to the responsibility and embrace the chaos.”


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