“Everything is intensified this month. Nothing escapes. If you are grieving it will be at a level you have never experienced. If you are ecstatic, it will be almost more than you can handle. The higher emotional center is paired with the instinctive center this month in an interesting relationship whose purpose is to stretch you like a rubber band, expanding your container to eventually be more, do more, receive more, understand more and experience more. The ultimate goal is to break through the membrane of our limited beliefs about how this universe works and what we are actually capable of creating…

April is full of growing pains. We are in the process of replacing the fabric and patterns of how we operate in this physical universe with a new matrix and energetic circuitry much like replacing a light fixture that was only able to handle 100 watts to one that can handle 1000. And then replacing the bulb from 100 watts to 1000 watts. Imagine the intensity of light from that sudden change…

When you have this level of intensity you can actually make permanent radical changes in your life…

This is a great month to take risks and put yourself out there, reaching for a bigger dream, a better life, a more meaningful relationship, increased wealth, health and vitality, and a more fulfilling sense of worth, work and essence. This will take discipline and trust. Reaching for and experiencing the highs and the higher centers will always swing the other way at some point giving you the point of reference of the other end of the spectrum. The task will be to stay neutral, out of judgment and proceed to do what is necessary to continue clearing the lower frequency energies (physical, emotional and mental) out of your life.”

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