“SURRENDER is a word that tends to trigger a definition of failure as if we are surrendering to the enemy and as if we have failed in something we believed in and have been striving for. Our definition of SURRENDER for the month is a giving up, a release of a stance, position, or belief that we have stubbornly held onto for way beyond its useful and practical life. It is time to let go of what should have been, could have been and what ought to be in the future. It is time to SURRENDER our anger, our resistance, our judgement and our need to know.

Surrender is an act of power that takes the reins away from the false personality and hands them over to essence… Surrender is letting go of fear, giving up the need for control, and finally releasing emotional wounds, shame, guilt and resentments we have been carrying around for eons.

Seeing the TRUTH is what will inspire us to finally give up our stubborn positions…

Surrender offers freedom. If you are feeling stuck in your life, there is probably something that needs to be surrendered. When you resist change… you block the flow of energy…

How do you know what to surrender? All you have to do is look at what is not working out for you and release whatever it is that is holding you in that pattern of struggle and despair. Find some humor in it, and better yet, make it into a game, a ritual or a discipline…

Once you surrender, you have stepped off the edge and into a space of TRUST. You have to have trust in order to successfully surrender. You have to trust that there is a bigger picture, that there is a greater order, that there is a built in safety net, and that all will turn out just exactly as it should…

This is the best month to get over your fear, grab some courage, and finally surrender to what your essence and spirit really have in mind for you. In a way, it is now or never.”

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