Danielle Noel


Blazing the Trail : New Moon in Aries


Breaking free from the old, planting the seeds of the new…


“*NEW MOON* in Aries begins a brand new cycle and heralds the beginning of the astrological year with the Sun having moved into Aries on the Equinox.

Aries is the fire starter within each of us who creates fire by friction, and blows forth the flame that sparks the beginning of something wild, elemental, essential and new. That spark of creation is a gift we can all catalyze, but we must learn to use our fire wisely, and handle it with respect and reverence. Conducted in the right way, it can be a force for great transformation and creative ingenuity.

There’s a wildness that wants to be expressed, a flame within each of us that needs to be kindled. With conscious love, patience and careful tending to our inner fire, we can allow it to burn bright.”


“This month’s New Moon in tropical Aries is a potent new beginning… there are vibrant atmospheric conditions conducive for new adventures, experiences, and starting points… Aries relates to our need to catalyze enthusiasm to assert our will in the world. As an archetype, Aries is known as the warrior [and] as a trailblazer… Their evolution depends on taking risks, facing fear, and consistently seeking new challenges

With this New Moon, you may find that whatever you’re caught up in has this quality of blazing a new trail or taking off in some uncharted direction…

Use this New Moon to reflect deeply on what’s arising within you. Take some time to connect with your desires and what you really want. Whatever intentions you set now, have the power to carry you far for the next several years… [W]e are in fertile ground for setting into motion projects, commitments, and relationships that will unfold and develop in synch with Venus’ eight year rhythm.”

Neil Kramer : The Myth of Civilization


Neil Kramer talks to Mel Fabregas, host of Veritas Radio, to discuss “The Myth Of Civilization.”

CLICK HERE for an MP3. Find out more about Veritas Radio.”

All these social movements that we’re seeing at the moment, this division in society… people in the streets, and violence and hate and great disturbance… It is NOT an ideological war. It is NOT a conflict of principles and values from left-leaning liberals and democrats against right-leaning conservatives and republicans. It is not that. It is not about border-less oneness or bordering nationhood. It’s not that. And it has nothing to do with racism, or sexism, or xenophobia, or bigotry, or any of that…

What we are seeing now, in the world today, is the earth shattering difference between the free human and the conditioned human. And that’s it. Take the politics right out of it. Forget it. We are seeing a sort of Grand Canyon between the self-determining, awakened, natural, sovereign man and the profoundly conditioned, sleepwalking robots; those who can think freely, and those who cannot.” ~Neil Kramer


Teachings of Ayahuasca & 15 Essential Life Lessons


“1. We are the Creator existing in a quantum field in an infinite number of versions. Creator is not a noun, it is a verb. It is the process of alchemizing thought into form, energy into matter, and it is the process of life itself…

2. All versions of realities exist simultaneously. We shift from one to another based on our current vibration on a moment-to-moment basis, and our current vibration is determined by our thoughts and emotions…

3. Creation is effortless when we are not in our own way…

5. We do have the power to choose a preferred reality at any time. First we need to get clear on what we truly desire, and we learn what we truly desire through experiencing contrast, or the absence of what we desire. The duality in life provides us with that contrast and the darkness in life is not a punishment but an opportunity for us to wake up to our true essence so we can tap into our own power of conscious creation.

6. Time does not exist. There is only one eternal moment of Now where all realities, past, present and future exist simultaneously…

15. In order to live a life of unlimited freedom and conscious creation, the ego needs to go through some type of death and rebirth so it can surrender its need to control, and release its past, stories, roles, identity and any existing programming. Some refer to this as spiritual awakening – a.k.a. awakening to our True Self, the part of us that is an extension of Source Energy. To see through the illusions and have access to the infinite wisdom of the True Self, we must first wake up from the dream.”