Uncovering the Life Force: Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Leo


“Eclipses have the effect of acceleration, and if you’re mindful of this process, you can make a lot of progress. However, it’s often difficult to use this energy externally because the eclipse, especially lunar, is so focused inwardly…

The secrets of life and death are contained within the lunar archetype, and like the tides, the Moon is a symbol of endless change and transformation. This quickening of energy often feels that way. Things around us are passing away and coming into form at a much faster rate. Internally, there is the awareness of some new capacity for deeper feeling and heightened psychic awareness…

If you’ve been in need of something to push you out of a rut, this lunar eclipse has the potential to get things moving in a new and dynamic way. The fire archetype has the power to bring some life back into current circumstances…

Getting in touch with your deeper self has the capacity to reinvigorate your personal life, potentially leading to some much needed breakthroughs and changes.”

Then the Change Comes


“We have all heard it a thousand times and more: life only happens in the now. Not back then or in some future time but now, in this visceral immediate moment of consciousness, the only place we can ever reside.

This lunar eclipse in Leo reminds us that the now is also eternity and history combined: an alchemical blend of past, present and future, distilled into a micro-second of existence in which we have the power to act, choose and become.”

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